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Time to Panic! by Mikael
July 31, 2008, 10:47 pm
Filed under: TMJ, Venting

Relay for Life is tomorrow night… and I have run into a small hitch. Literally! 

Earlier this week, for some reason, I started noticing that I do clench my jaw at night.  I previously thought I didn’t.  But when I went to my dentist a couple weeks ago to ask about my TMJ, he asked if I did and I said I didn’t know.  So I got the pillows he suggested so I would stay sleeping on my back and my jaw problems started to go down. 

Then I realized I clench my jaw.  Pretty much my jaw problems have perhaps tripled in the last 3 days.  For example, my jaw has been completely locked for the past 30 hours non-stop.  I can BARELY put a spoon filled with just a little of oatmeal into my mouth without excruciating pain.  So yesterday, I went nearly 11 hours without food out of fear of pain.  When I finally did eat, I couldn’t chew normally. I basically have to chew everything with my front teeth in tiny bites if I want to eat something that requires some amount of chewing. 

So last night, I put a heating pad on it for about 15 minutes… Didn’t help. I massaged the spot every couple minutes for about an hour… Didn’t help either.  Pretty much, my last option is a shower exercise and it needs to be a long one to do the exercise right.  I’m going to do it tonight and hope that it will fix this stupid jaw. 

Eating, singing, and trying to yawn are the most painful things right now.  My dentist can’t get me in until Monday to get fitted to a  mouth guard.  Again, I’m hoping a mouth guard will help. 

Here’s to my jaw getting better before tomorrow at 5 PM! *clinks bottle of Koolaid*


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