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Locked… But Better by Mikael
August 16, 2008, 3:55 am
Filed under: TMJ, Updates

For the past two weeks or so, I have been visiting the same physical therapist twice a week.  Patches on my cheeks, heating pads, probes, massages, vibrations fill the hour and a half that costs $95.  I still do the exercises they told me to do, and attended Jaw School.  Swallowing pencil eraser to horse sized pills twice a day is now a habit.  A splint keeps my teeth apart at night while I fall asleep to a “Freedom from TMJ” relaxation CD.  Soft foods are still the best things for me to eat… The good news?

I have gotten a lot better!  I have gone from opening my mouth 15 to 37, and 40 is supposedly normal! I don’t know what measurement this is… All I know is that that is a really good improvement.  Unfortunately, my jaw is still locked on the right side, but at least now I have more functionality with it!  And today, he took the opportunity to tell me that salad is one of the worst things I could eat! Sad day… I love salads.  I still have to stay away from hard fruits and vegetables, hard or excessively chewy foods, and similar foods.  Fortunately, I can sing in the car again! 

As far as singing goes, I can sing but only for so long.  Depending on the style, I can last from 10 to 25 minutes singing.  If I just sing lightly along, I can sing all the way to work (a little longer than a half hour)– which is what I used to do anyways!  Then I can’t sing at work (much to my disappointment), but I can write songs during my lunch break.  And not singing at work gives me a long enough break to rest my jaw before the drive home…

So if you ask me, things are looking up.  Voice lessons for the fall may be a possibility after all! ^.^


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