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Once Stress Kicks In by Mikael
September 13, 2008, 11:29 am
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With my TMD, I had been getting so much better! My doctor did say that there was a 20% chance ever that it would unlock, but I have been doing fairly fine with it being locked. The only time my jaw would really bug me was when I would sing for far too long (habit of mine) or eat something a little to chewy.

But now that school has started, all this stress has come back. I am only taking about 18 credits but a couple classes could easily count as 1 with their simplicity. I don’t know why, but I think stress triggered my jaw to start being tense. When at physical therapy this week, the doctor said ‘try and not have such high expectations of yourself.’ That’s the thing though– I can’t do it. I like school and I like trying to do my best. Personally, I don’t think the stress comes from that. I think it’s because I have very limited time for myself, which I need quite often.

Because of this stress, my jaw has been tense for these last couple weeks. Valium (which I stopped taking before school started) has had to help me on a few days where it started to get bad. I really have to be careful with singing right now. As luck would have it, our first choir concert is next weekend. Like that doesn’t stress me at all! Memorizing is the easy part of choir– the hard part is the time commitment. Right now, I’m wondering I even bothered doing it again when I enjoyed it so much last year! (please tell me you picked up on the sarcasm)

And now my throat is swollen, probably from stress as well. But luckily, I’m still writing songs and that sometimes helps with the stress. Yesterday I even compiled my list and discovered I had 26 songs in all (2 have been recorded). There are two that aren’t my favorite just because I wrote them two years ago. But the rest have become such a part of me! I love it! I arranged how I would want them on albums– there are 2. Hopefully I can at least make one of them within the next year or so. ^.^


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