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Back in the Groove by Mikael
February 25, 2009, 5:11 pm
Filed under: Music, TMJ, Updates, Venting

After all the drama with my jaw, I’m finally going back to voice lessons! Not until next week, but that still doesn’t squish my enthusiasm for it.

I ‘graduated’ from physical therapy in January and only need to go back when absolutely needed. Thus far, I haven’t needed to go back in. On top of that, I only need to go back to my TMJ specialist if my splint starts causing problems. Which that hasn’t either. Sure I still have my good jaw days and bad days, usually depending on what I eat and how much I sing.

I’ll admit I don’t do the exercises as often as I should, but I’m currently working on doing them at least once a day. The vitamins aren’t mandatory anymore, but I feel like taking them every once in a while would help keep my jaw in as close to perfect shape possible. It’s still locked and I doubt it will ever unlock. I can still hope but I’m not expecting it to happen.

As far as singing goes, I’m having an utter blast recording with my computer. Logic Pro and Garageband have become my best friends. Seriously I could make my own demo all by myself with these programs and have it sound completely professional. Plus, my new microphone is utterly fabulous as well if it manages to stay on the stand (it’s a little wide for the mouth of the stand). The sound comes out really well.

The only problem with that is that I am horribly addicted to it. There were seriously nights where I would record maybe five or six songs, and I would post at least 1 on YouTube. Speaking of youtube, I have over 60 videos and over 80 subscribers! The friends I have made there are truly amazing… But because of this addiction, I have neglected my school work a little so I’m also working on cutting back on the time I spend on my computer when I should be doing homework.

Last night was my first night doing homework and staying off the computer. I finished my homework, went out to dinner, enjoyed a movie, took an hour long nap, wrote a page in my journal, and managed to play my gameboy for twenty minutes before falling asleep at 10:30. It felt so good to have my homework done and that I could just do anything. I didn’t record, but I think a day without that was much needed. I’m going to try and refrain from doing anything new until Saturday since I need my morning voice for the next song I plan on doing (playing Sweeney Todd for a friend).

I so wasn’t expecting on writing this much, but things are starting to turn around. I’m loving my life and the direction I’m taking it right now. Addressing my problems and doing everything I can to amend them is a great feeling :)


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