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Something Is Missing! by Mikael
June 5, 2009, 12:20 pm
Filed under: Music, Updates

So check this out… It has been 3 weeks since I recorded anything! In fact, my recording and mixing programs have not been open in even longer!  I only did a couple live things that aren’t really post-worthy a couple weeks ago.  One of the songs I covered came on a few minutes ago on my shuffle and made me realize that I haven’t done anything like that in a really long time… What is wrong with me?

Actually nothing is wrong.  I’ve been making myself busy.  I’ve hung out more with friends in these last few weeks (minus the week I was in California) then I did during this whole last semester.  That’s kind of sad, but it’s been amazing to catch up with my buddies.  Plus, I’ve been reading more, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy (new fave show!), and spending more time AWAY from the computer which I think is a good thing.  Well, at home anyways.  For work, I’m on a computer all day so that may influence why I don’t get on very much during my time off.  Ok, that is all a huge lie! It’s like I’m never off the computer!  I forgot about the fact that my mom started her own business and I am her Webmaster and Designer.  I love it!  But I miss recording :(

When I get home tonight, no matter what I need to record something or else my withdrawal symptoms will get progressively worse.  Don’t know what yet… Maybe something I have already done just for fun or something.  Maybe I’ll post it. 

Better yet, song writing anyone? :)


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