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England: Here I Come! by Mikael

A new chapter of my life is about to unfold.  A chapter that was hidden until last summer, but will be an adventure all in itself.  A chapter where anything can happen.  A chapter that may change the entire course of my journey here on Earth.  I’m anxious.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m happy!  And I’m scared out of my mind.  It’s hard to know what to expect… You know that feeling where something is going to happen in your life but you can’t imagine it and think you’ll die before it happens because you don’t know what to expect therefore your strange foresight fails?  That’s how I feel in a nutshell.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I may just be weird.

If you have not heard by now, I’m studying abroad at Cambridge University at their International Summer School for the greater part of my summer.  The departure date is July 1st and I come back home on August 22.  That is nearly two months in England!  Having never been there before, I’m really excited to experience a new country and culture completely different from my own.  Not to mention the fact that over 30 nationalities will be participating in the summer school.  Talk about a cultural blast!  One of my favorite things is to meet people from various backgrounds and this is going to be a prime opportunity to do just that… While getting an education at one of the most highly acclaimed universities the world has ever known.  However, the school part doesn’t start until July 6 and it goes until August 15 for me since I am participating in two terms.  Meaning I’ll have a few days on either side of my Cambridge adventures to explore wherever I darn well please.

The first few days I am there, I’m staying in a darling little bed and breakfast in central London. It’s literally a block away from the closest tube station!  While staying there, I’m planning on filling my days with the London Walks tours as well as seeing a play, indulging myself in English food, and hopefully getting a chance to blog about my London adventures.  Then I’ll hop on over to Kings Cross and take a train up to Cambridge.  And after I finish with the schooling, I have no idea what will happen.  Maybe I’ll find a friend to explore Ireland with me.  Perhaps I’ll ride a train to France or pop a flight to Italy.  Maybe I’ll coast on up to Scotland.  Perhaps I’ll head to various cities in England like Hartlepool (where my grandfather lived as a child before moving to the states), Southampton, or Portsmouth.  This all will probably depend on funding… All the while, hoping to document what I do with pictures and tales of grand measure!

Yes, this is not a temporary good bye blog…  This is my introduction post to my new blog—Kel In Cambridge.  Nice ring to it right?  Chances are I won’t blog anywhere else while I’m gone due to the time I’ll want to spend absorbing all I can of England and the countless people I’ll meet.  I do want some sort of documentation so I feel a blog will be a nice way to do that but a new one is necessary so it is separate from my others.  I hope you join me on my new blog next week when I fly out of Utah, into Minneapolis, then to the heart of London, England.



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I am SO excited for you. I know you are already in England involved in the program and I’m reading this a bit late, but I wanted to tell you congratulations!! I’ve been to England, Scotland, and Whales and they are all gorgeous amazing places!!

I hope you are having a blast! Glad to see you’re still blogging, You were so sweet to comment on my blog (nomoreweighting) and I wanted you to know that I’m finally back home and doing really well!!

Again, VERY excited for you (and a little jealous!) Can’t wait to read about your adventures!

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