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Oh yeah… I’m home! by Mikael
September 28, 2009, 10:55 am
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Yes, I’ve been home for about six weeks now.  Time is seriously just flashing by my eyes and it’s freaking me out!  I’m six weeks into my junior year of college but I just want it all to be done.  Either that, or I want to be back in Cambridge.  I really miss it horribly… I’ve been thinking about it and I would totally live in England given the chance (and the funds as it is rather expensive).  Maybe one day if I’m good enough to be on the London stage :)

Haven’t been able to do a lot of recording lately, which I miss.  But last night, I did start making progress on my Christmas CD for this year (when I should have been doing homework… tells you a lot about my priorities!).  I’m making my own instrumental tracks if I can which is what I did.  I finished instrumental tracks for “Still, Still, Still” and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”… Here’s hoping this turns out well!  I know the theme of the CD and have a few other songs planned out so we’ll see how that goes. 

Oh, story time!  This is a story from my Ireland experience that I’m going to quote from my abroad blog:

Now probably for one of the highlights of my entire Ireland trip, the Irish Music Pub Crawl.  It was hosted by two Irish musicians who played traditional Irish music for us all night at four different pubs.  It was so much fun!  One played an accordion looking thing and the other played the guitar and sung.  I got to talk to them while we walked around the city and I ended up telling them that I was a musician myself.  They both told me that I should sing for them later when they called for people on the walk to come entertain.  I got nervous!  I never get nervous!  […] So I ended up singing How Do I Live for everyone when no one else volunteered to “entertain”.  When I finished, one of the tour guides said, “We forgot one rule: don’t show up the professionals!”  I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a really good time and the musicians rocked my socks (they loved me and I loved them too!).  But after I sang, no one else had the balls to stand up and entertain us, saying “Who wants to follow that?”  I felt bad but I still had fun!

Yes, you read correctly! I sang in an Irish pub!  I won’t lie, it was very fun… I wish other people had done something to entertain though after me so I wouldn’t have felt so “on-the-spot.”  I loved meeting the Irish musicians… they were pretty much awesome in my book. I recieved a free CD from John, who even said that he expected me to make it big.  Here’s hoping!


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