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The Child In Me by Mikael
October 5, 2009, 8:53 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Good Things, Venting

This post will not be like any of the ones I have previously posted… I need to do it to get my excitement off my chest so I can do my homework and be focused.

You may think this is childish, that this is really stupid… but quite honestly– I don’t care!  A little back story, if you please.

When I was nine, on some crazy whim, my mom bought me a color gameboy and a video game known as Pokemon Blue to keep me occupied during some long California trip we were doing.  Let this be said–the only other video games I had touched were Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Paper Boy and Dark Rift.  So when I started up the Pokemon Blue RPG game, let’s just say I was completely clueless. After watching my brother play his Pokemon Red, I think I got the jist.

And I LOVED it!  Ever since, Pokemon has been my game of choice.  And it must be said: I’m a Pokemon Master when it comes to these games.  After Blue, I acquired Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Puzzle League, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Red, and Sapphire, as well as Hey You Pikachu!, Pokemon Stadium & Pokemon Stadium 2 on Nintendo 64.  My Gold version had been my main focus: I beat it completely, with all 252 pokemon. Took me a long time, let me tell you.

BUT… like a dummy, I listened to my mom when she said it was getting rather childish of me to continue playing these games.  She offered up the idea that my Aunt wanted to buy my games for my cousins for $100 (except my N64 ones).  And I did it… Like a dumb-a, I sold my favorite games. About three months later, when I was over at my cousins house, I asked if I could play them only to find that my Aunt had sold the games to the game store! My 252 pokemon collection on Gold was GONE along with the rest of my beloved games.  This may sound pathetic, but I cried that night. Yes, I was that attached to those games.

So with the help of my brother, who no longer played his Pokemon games, these past 4 years I have been rebuilding my pokemon game collection and then some.  Currently, I own:

  • Pokemon Trading Card Game (which I found on eBay for 3 bucks!)
  • Pokemon Ranger
  • Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen
  • Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow
  • Pokemon Silver, Gold, & Crystal
  • Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, & Emerald
  • Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum.

And I want to say I have a Pokemon Pinball around here somewhere. ALL those and my N64 games.  I love these games so much that I tend to buy whatever portable console is required to play the new ones (as was the case with Diamond/Pearl with the Nintendo DS).  I was even been tempted to buy the lame-o Gamecube just to play Colosseum. But now that we have a Wii, I may have to check out what Pokemon has come out for that! :)

However, I’m not much of a fan of the new Mystery Dungeon stuff… So not as good as the original gameplay.  Ranger isn’t bad, but I miss the battling aspect and raising pokemon.  God, I sound like I’m talking about real animals!

Of course, these days my time is consumed with other things like school, work, friends, and music so I don’t get to play as often as I would like. But back in the day… You couldn’t find me without my gameboy at hand. I even took it to school to play at recess. The boys in my class would always ask to either battle me or trade pokemon/pokemon cards with them (yes, I was into those for a period of time too but that’s over and done).

Ok onto the big Pokemon story of the moment… Next spring, there is a scheduled release of new pokemon games: HeartGold & SoulSilver!! I just watched the trailer and I about died hyperventilating from excitement.  Of the games, the Johto region themed Gold/Silver/Crystal have always been my favorite. Crystal is my crutch when I need a pokemon fix these days. But to see them so graphically amazing, and with your starter pokemon following you… you might as well sell me the games now!   I simply cannot wait until next spring to play these games! They look amazing!  Let’s hope they are just as cool as the original Johto region games… :)

Wow that was a lot of build up for one measly paragraph of a story. Eh oh well… thought it needed an introduction.

So yes! I love playing Pokemon games and have for years. Judge me if you want… But it’s what I like to do for fun!  To each his own. Talking about this has put me in the mood to restart one of my games :)


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