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Raw or Trained by Mikael
January 27, 2010, 4:13 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Dreams, Music, Singing

One of the curses of having vocal training for almost 15 years–you know the difference between a good singer and a great singer.  You can tell when someone has the right technique and when they don’t.  When they yell or when they are using their head voice.  There’s a lot that you pick up on (which is why so many of us become such good vocal coaches) that no one else does.

There are particular singers out there that really just make it all seem so easy when it’s actually a very tough skill to develop and even harder to instill in every single performance.  These are singers like Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Amy Lee, and the young Lea Michele from Glee.  This brings me to a huge question: how much of their skill was raw talent and how much came from training (along with what kind of training they had). 

As for me, I was born with a good sounding voice.  A natural, or so a few of my teachers have said.  I was a good singer in the sense that no one cringed when I sang but applauded when I finished.  I had the raw talent in order to become great singer.  It’s taken years of training to get me where I am today and I still don’t know if I’d call myself a great singer.  If I hadn’t had training, odds are I would have sung my vocal chords completely raw.   It’s the lessons that have made me a better singer, teaching me the ways to use my voice so that I don’t wear it out but can sing anything my heart so chooses. 

Despite having so many years of training, I know I still have a lot to work on.  For singers, our voices are a constant work in progress–there’s always something to fix or change. 

Which is why I’ve started up voice lessons again!  Last night was my second with Johnny Ahn.  He’s perfect for what I’m trying to do now–which is to keep my voice in shape so I don’t fall back into bad habits.  He’s able to recognize that even though I sound good, there are little things that I can do to make it great.

And I want to be great!


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