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This is when I think I’m messed up… by Mikael
February 5, 2010, 5:39 pm
Filed under: Dreams, Kurious, Remembering

Remembering dreams is easy for me.  Well, normally.  On average, I remember about 3 dreams a week.  But last nights dream was just so odd that when I woke up for the fifth time (just so I could try to figure out what the motives behind the dream were), it was hard not to wonder where on Earth these images come from!  (It’s long, I apologize.)

The parts I remember the most vividly involve the Jew Nazi, Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Walz’s character in Inglourious Basterds).  Basically, it just seemed like he wanted to kill everyone.  He carried a gun and wasn’t afraid to use it.  I remember that there was a reason he was after all these people.  I want to say there was a reason, but that part of the dream is a little hazy.  Finally, he cornered me, my mom, and another person.  There is a wardrobe next to me that my mom is standing in front of and the other person is on the other side of the wardrobe next to a door leading into a hallway. 

The Jew Nazi pulled a bending bullet move (like the ones from the movie Wanted) with his gun so we couldn’t tell who he would shoot and kill.  The other person fell to the ground.  Somehow, I knew I’d be next.  As soon as he fired, time slowed down monumentally and I pulled some really awesome body moves off to dodge the bullet which seemed to have a target mechanism because it tried to follow me but I was always one step ahead of it.  Once the bullet “died”, the Jew Nazi decided that he had better plans for me and dragged me kicking and screaming out of the room.  I remember yelling, “I love you, Mom!” except I watched myself being dragged out of the room instead of feeling it. Only that minute was like that in the entire dream.

Thereupon, the Jew Nazi dragged me into another room and set me next to a closet where I could hear breathing behind me.  I tried to feign sleeping and breathing loudly so he wouldn’t hear it.  I didn’t want whoever was behind me to die.  He just kept talking to me as though I were a friend.  Then I blacked out!

There was a period that went completely hazy in the dream.  I was back to my near normal life (as normal as you can get with a dream), and I learned that it was my mom in the closet and that she attacked him when I opened the closet.  But… the Jew Nazi wasn’t done.  He was trying to hunt me down.  I had to keep my cell phone and laptop off so they couldn’t give away my location (because apparently they can)… If I remember correctly, I even Twittered in my dream.  He was tracking me by everything I did… So I finally went to this warehouse where nothing was so he couldn’t find me–but as it turns out it was the place where he had set up camp to find me.  Lots of running around ensued.  Time no longer slowed when he shot his gun.  I spent a lot of time in a van ordering people to take me elsewhere but he always seemed to find me. 

Yeah so that was as much of the dream that I can remember.  Again, sorry so long.  Dreams just always baffle me and so I wonder if they ever mean something more… Or how certain images show up in dreams, you know?  It’s so random and crazy a lot of the time!

Or maybe this means I shouldn’t play Tekken right before bed…


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Tekken is clearly awesome, don’t pin it on that!

And i pity people who have boring dreams, i once dreamt of a huge pile of “Play-doh” (Or whatever it was called, the colored dough kids played with) running around eating my family and friends.

I was 9, and it was the last time i ate that shit!

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