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Living Las Vegas! by Mikael
February 19, 2010, 3:29 pm
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Right before the New Year, my dad moved to Las Vegas for a job.  And this past weekend I finally got to go down to see him!  This also means I got to see my girls, Ginger and Ceadar.  For the first two days, Ceadar followed me around and just stared at me the whole time.  She must have missed me as much as I missed her!

Isn't she the sweetest thing?

My dad and my step-mom are renting a gorgeous house about 20 minutes from the strip.  My favorite part about it–there’s a pool and jacuzzi!  Friday night, after taking me out to dinner at the Hard Rock, we all sat in the jacuzzi with beers. Well, in my case, I had a Smirnoff Ice since I’m not a beer girl.  The dogs seemed to like beer though… as well as chlorine because they wouldn’t stop licking our shoulders!

Saturday was such a blast all around!  After getting Starbucks, we took the girls to the dog park.  I swear about six dogs were trying to hump the others!  Ginger wouldn’t have any of it and about attacked the husky that tried to mount her.  It was quite a riot. There was an adorable boxer that really seemed to like me; her name was Giselle!  I’m kicking myself right now for not taking a picture.  Funniest thing though was this little 3-year-old who was trying to reign in his hound that was taller than he was and basically dragged him around the park.  The kid had the cutest lisp I had ever heard!  His dog name was Oso but he called him Odo. I wanted to take that kid home with me!  Too cute.

Then it was time for my step-mom, her friend and I to have a joy ride in her convertible VW bug!  In 70 degree weather! It was perfect!  Had pedis, went shopping, then headed back the bug owners house for pizza and beer.  But again, I stayed away from the beer and had a mojito instead!  So yummy!  Doesn’t really taste good with pizza, but oh well!

Saturday night was the party of the weekend!  I got all dolled up in my sparkly black dress that made my dad call me a hoochie… It’s not that bad is it? Haha!

Rocking the LBD...

Sitting in Mandalay Bay waiting for my friend to show up was an adventure in itself.  3 hispanic men came up to me and asked for pictures because it was their last night in town.  A man I’m guessing was 40 asked me if I wanted to join him at Tryst later (uh NO despite that being a kick-a club).  And another very discreetly hit on me but was he was really nice.  Then my gal friend showed up and saved me!  Haha.  She was sporting a cute little LBD as well so I didn’t feel so “exposed”.  Haha, I’ve never gone out in an outfit like that before so it was quite a new experience.

(Keep in mind, throughout the night, we got lost about seven times!)

First it was gelato for a sugar pick-up, then we were off to Eye Candy, being offered VIP passes to almost every club and lounge in the Mandalay Bay along our way.  At Eye Candy, I ordered a $14 martini… don’t ask me why.  In my defense, it was splendid!  It was called Pure Joy and had fresh raspberries at the bottom.  I sang to the bartender too. Bartenders, I’ve decided, are some of the coolest people in the world!

On our way out of Eye Candy, a sleezeball basically invited himself along with us.  You know, he was one of those guys who went out on the town every night just hoping to get laid.  He was up front about it too!  So we led him up to Mix, pulled the restroom card and bailed on his a$$.  Then we bought teddy grahams and bandaids for our poor feet! Hehe.

My friend introduced me to her guy friend who worked at the front desk at the Mandalay.  Pretty cute!  Supposedly he wants to go out the next time I’m in Vegas!  We wanted him to join us up at the Foundation Room but he had to work until 3 which was when it closed.  But he told us, “You got passes there?  Then you have to go!  That’s where all the rich people are.”

Thus we went!  The Foundation Room was on the roof. Very small, but extremely hopping!  We danced much of the time.  We even met 3 cool guys from California who chilled with us for most of the night.  And a VIP of the lounge bought us 2 Evians because we were “the most beautiful girls here!”  Jackpot!  Haha, overall an extremely fun night!  I rolled into bed at 4 AM.

Sunday was my day with my dad since my step-mom had to work.  He took me into the city and went shopping with me!  Bought a couple cute things, even knocked out a certain someone’s birthday present.  Didn’t do too much damage on the credit card front.  After shopping, we met up with my aunt who lives in Vegas for drinks at the Yardhouse.  I think I may have a new favorite martini–Hawaiian Sunset.  So fruity and yummy!

Later that night, my gal friend invited me out for dancing at Stoney’s since Sunday was hip-hop night!  It may have been more fun than the night before because I could really bust my dance groove!  To quote Paula Abdul’s newer song, “I’m just here for the music!  I really didn’t mean to turn you on.” That’s completely how I felt.  Some 30-something guy was trying to pick up on me when I was dancing and I was just like, “Um, you’re totally interrupting my jam!”  I was [] this close to smacking him.  But there was an extremely hot Brazilian with whom we both danced sporadically with throughout the night.  Oh, and the 3 Cali boys from the night before showed up as well!  Good to see them again before I left.

It was a sad day indeed on Monday when I had to make the 6 hour drive home.  Especially coming from 70 degree Las Vegas to rainy Utah.  LAME!  I wanted to cry.

So there’s my Vegas story.  I’m sure more are to come since I’ll be down there again in March, and a couple weekends in April.  I should just move down there and skip all this crappy Utah weather!  Plus Vegas is just too much fun altogether. Viva Las Vegas, baby! =)


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