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Saying Saturday by Mikael
February 20, 2010, 9:00 am
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Sometimes I say something profound, stupid, insightful, silly, what-have-you.  But mostly the people in my life do.  I’m thinking Saturday’s should be my days to share what I hear every week since some of it is quite intriguing.  Yes, I kind of stole the idea from LiLu’s Shiz My Boyfriend Says series in a way, but it is so worth remembering these special sayings that I had to! XD

*   *   *

In the hottub with friends…

D- “If a guy is in a shower naked with a girl without kissing, he must have some strong morals or standards.”

C- “If a guy is in a shower naked with a girl, his morals and standards have already flown the coop!”

Playing the insane game of Times Up with the family when my brother couldn’t figure out how to say the name let alone know who it was!

Bro- “If they wanted me to pronounce it Quasimodo, they should have spelled it with a ‘K’!”

Another time playing Times Up… The name on the card was Isaac Newton.

Bro’s GF- “I don’t know who Isaic Newton is!”

Upon seeing my LBD I wore for Vegas clubbing last weekend…

Dad- “Honey!  My daughter’s turned hoochie on me!”

My step-mom is notorious for saying funny things all the time!

SM- “If behind every bird there is a pile of shit, then where is the bird that’s supposed to be in front of you?”

At the slumber party before my dad moved to Vegas where I’m filming a few select moments on my BlackBerry…

Dad- *singing* “Go greased lightning!”

SM- “Ooh, going to dance?”

Dad- “No, I’m going to greased lightning my ass into bed!”

*we giggle*

“Mikael, were you filming that?”

*we burst out laughing*

That’s it for the first installment!  Have a great Saturday everyone!


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Haha, love it! Aren’t the snippets into other peoples’ lives fun? ;-)

Comment by LiLu

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