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The Number 2 by Mikael
February 22, 2010, 12:14 pm
Filed under: Unhappy, Venting

For some reason or another, I’ve always had a huge aversion to the number 2.  Number 22 in particular just rubs me the wrong way.  I really wish I could explain it!  I just hate the number with a passion.  Nothing good ever comes from it! 

And what is today?  February 22.  Not only is it the 22nd day of the month, but it’s on the second month of the year.  *sigh*

Didn’t get to sleep until 1 because of loud teenagers hooting and hollering despite someone trying to sleep upstairs.  My alarm this morning meshed with my dream so I didn’t even know it was going off until ten minutes later.  Feeling like crap from my stupid cold and not being able to get enough sleep.  My body aches from attempting to exercise yesterday.  The bomb was dropped in my Italian class when our teacher announced that our group presentations are next week.  Left my water bottle at home.  The left side of my ear buds is almost dead from it’s cracked wire.  The circles under my eyes are scaring me whenever I walk by a mirror. My voice is pretty shot too… Not to mention its freezing outside!

Ok–I’m going to make a conscious effort right now to think of the positives from today before I lapse into a sad stupor.

I’ve only skipped one song on my iPod (whereas I skip all the time because of my song ADD) and have found a couple new songs I like.  My buddy Darien on Twitter said that I was one of his favorite singers.  I remembered my ear muffs today.  I get to have blueberries for my afternoon snackie.  The sun is out.

That’s all I can think of.  *sigh*

The Score: Bad- 10, Good- 5.  Bad prevails. Of course– it’s 2/22.

Oh, and I turn 22 this October.  I don’t think I’ll EVER admit it during that year. I’ll just be 21 for two years of my life and skip to 23. Not even sure I want a celebration.  It would have to be for a second 21st, which generally tend to involve lots of alcohol.  Yeah, I like that plan.

What is your “bad” or unlucky number?


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