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My mind just had to go there by Mikael
February 25, 2010, 3:51 pm
Filed under: Good Things, Love, Remembering, Sessual Side, Writing

My brain has been physically feeling really strange today and for some reason it decided to wander to the night I had my first kiss in the rain.  This occured last summer… in England… in the rain!  *sigh*

*pull myself out of the gutter brain*

Yes, it was pretty swell if I do say so.  It was the first kiss with that particular guy too.  Lots of kissing ensued after, there can be no doubt about that.  It definitely earned its ranks among my top 5 kisses (ooooh, idea for a post with that!).  But that experience completely melted me.  Like I could “have turned to putty on the Cambridge pavement and been completely content the rest of my life” melt.  Yeah, my mind decided to go there!  Where it is incredibly difficult to pull myself out of.  So here’s a tribute to that moment while I attempt to refocus on my Security Newsletter. 

Last semester, I wrote a poem for my Form & Theory class based off of that moment-which-I-should-not-name-because-then-focus-would-be-a-distant-memory. Without further ado… *copy & paste* 

Just Once 

I hate the rain
And always have
The chill that settles
Thickly in the air
The way the raindrops
Become needles on my skin
Poking and prodding me
Into a horrible submission… 

I hate the clouds that
Come with the rain
The way they shield the sun
From lighting my face
The way gloom swarms from
The darkened world
Holding and suppressing
Anything deemed worthwhile… 

I hate how the clouds
Rumble together at night
To release those raindrops
Which soak us through
Clinging to our clothes
Weighing them down
Yet somehow soothing our skin… 

Dropping the brolly*,
I hold you close
And for one fleeting instant
I love the rain 

*   *   * 

Ahhh…. hope you enjoyed!  Have a thuper Thursday!

 *Brolly is British slang for umbrella


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