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Saying Saturday II by Mikael
February 27, 2010, 9:00 am
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Here it is again!  Saying Saturday!  Ever since I first posted the first one last week, I have had a lot of fun keeping an ear out for funny conversations and one-liners this week… enjoy!


My mom rolled onto my bed Sunday night and this is what ensued…

Me- “You know I’ve coughed on that pillow for the past 4 days right?”
*she rolls off the pillow*
Mom- “I have a headache.”
Me- “Take some Advil.”
Mom- “Already did. It’s NOT helping.”
Me- “Well, what kind of pain is it?”
Mom- “Nauseous, like I’m going to puke.”
Me- “Not in my bed, you’re not!”
Mom- “MEAN!”

Tuesday, my brother had his friends over playing Mario on Wii. My mom was trying to help them by yelling out demands.

Mom- “Duck! Duck!”
Bro’s GF- “Where’s a duck?”

(Bless her heart…)

Wednesday night at my cousin’s 13th birthday party, my Aunts decided to argue over who was taller. One was on her toes, this was her justification…

Aunt 1- “She’s cheating! She’s got perky round bum. I’ve got indian bum.”

Wednesday night again, said by my other aunt (the one with the perky bum XD) when were talking about the gym we go to and the yoga classes.

Aunt 2- “Have you seen that yoga class where you dangle in silk?  I swear I’d be like a fly caught in a spider’s web, screaming “GET ME OUT!”

Thursday night at dinner, we were talking about love at first sight and how our Finnish hockey player had or had not experienced it this week. CaliBoy is the other hockey player living with us.

Me- “He did not fall in love with her at first sight.”
CaliBoy- “Yes, he did.”
Me- “It doesn’t exist!”
CaliBoy- “Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  He’s Finnish.”
Me- “Like that justifies it!”
CaliBoy- “Yes, it does! It justifies everything!”

Another quote from the dinner table Thursday night… Talking about a girl who wears clothes that basically expose her boobs. CaliGirl is CaliBoy’s sister.

CaliGirl- “If I want to look at breasts, I will look down. I have my own thanks!”

Just because I love quoting movies often, I need to do this one.  Last Sunday, I found one of my old favorite cartoon movies “Rock-A-Doodle” online and watched it.  This scene has always cracked me up. 
Little background- The Grand Duke is a magical owl who is trying to stop a cat, dog, bird, and a mouse from getting to the city to find a rooster in order to get him back to the farm to raise the sun with his crow since it hasn’t risen in days. The Duke sends his nephew, Hunch, to do get rid of them so he can keep the world in darkness.

Hunch: No more kitty, Sir! Mission… Accomplished!
Grand Duke: And the dog?
Hunch: Gone, wiped out, sir!  Total and complete annihilation!
Grand Duke: Annihilation! Yes… h-h-h-how did you do it?
Hunch: Adequately.
Grand Duke: Uh, ade-ade-ade, wh-what’s that supposed to mean?
Hunch: Well, Uncle, we sucked them into an adequate pipe.
Grand Duke: A what?
Hunch: That’s what it said. “Danger: Adequate Pipe.”
Grand Duke: [with forced calm] Oh ho ho, Hunch… come to Uncle. [turns Hunch into a chicken-type thing] YOU IMBECILE! That’s not an “Adequate Pipe.” It’s an AQUEDUCT PIPE! It leads straight to the city!


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haha “he’s Finnish…. it justifies everything!” that’s pure greatness.

Comment by Kelly


One of the best movies of all time. No joke!

Comment by sheadaisy

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