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Not Again by Mikael
March 4, 2010, 5:44 pm
Filed under: Budding Blossom, Relationships, Venting

So I find a guy that I’m really into and he’s into me as well.  A lot of promise was there… So all is sitting pretty right?

Not so much.

He just informed me that he’s moving out of state this summer.  Why is it when I finally find a guy that I can tolerate, it is always too short-lived?  They either leave because of missions, military, or just because of some other lame reason.  Or we met over a camp or something away from home so trying to make anything work once we’re not in the same state/country anymore is basically pointless. 

This has happened to me a lot.  And people wonder why I don’t have a boyfriend… they all leave!  (That and I have a short attention span.) Well, the ones with a lot of potential do.  Way to make me feel more stuck. 

So what do you do?  Forget about the guy knowing he’s going to leave soon and move on?  Or get as much out of him as I can while he’s here?  I don’t want to feel like he’s using me or that I’m using him.  So conflicting!  Especially since I really like him.

Pooh on toast.


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