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Saying Saturday III by Mikael
March 13, 2010, 9:00 am
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Here we are with Volume III of Saying Saturday!  Here’s Volume I and Volume II. Sorry I skipped it last weekend… There are a few more than usual to make up for it!  ;)

The first couple sayings took place a couple weekends ago at my Koolaid’s birthday celebration (she’s a good friend from high school). Here’s the scene: a drag queen is sitting on my left, on my right is a mutual friend of mine and Koolaids, then it’s Koolaid and her current boy toy (who was completely HOT!). We are all at Denny’s.

Me- “Why is the booth shaking?”
K- “I quiver!”
K’s Boy- “You should see her when she really trembles.” *winks*
Me- “Oh, I bet you love that!”
DQ- “Have you ever seen a rabbit in heat? … That’s all I’m gonna say!”

DQ- “I feel like a damn chihuaha tonight!”

In Vegas last weekend (as heard by my mom) when my brother was trying to figure out what our Finnish hockey player wanted to do for the night. Language barriers are always interesting!

Bro- “Do you want to do the strip or ice your knee?”
Fin- “Ice my knee. I don’t want to get naked.”

My mom had just asked me if I wanted to go downtown early to go shopping.

Me- “I’m broke!  But I need a new bra… ugh.”
StepDad- “Me too!”

Shopping at the outdoor mall downtown…

Mom- “Everyone is pregnant!  Was it a cold winter or what?”

At our fancy dinner downtown… We all ate way too much. (next few occurred there)

Me- *swallows* “Ouch! I know I’m full when it hurts to swallow.”
CaliBoy- “That’s what she said.”
Me- “Not what I meant!”

Bro- “I’m so full, I can’t eat another bite!”
Mom- “Do you want some prime rib?”
Bro- “What did I just say? … … Hey CaliBoy, I’m going to try some of your lobster.”

CaliBoy- “I’m going to birth a chocolate cake tonight… and a lobster.”

At lunch with the Mews (girls that went to Cambridge from my Uni… all of our names start with M)…

M1- “So where is it?”
M2- *draws a map with her finger on the table* “Here’s the biology building, next to the Naturally History museum.”
Me- “You do realize you just said ‘naturally’ right?”
M2- “Yes, because it’s naturally supposed to be there!”

(hehe, I love her!)

At Sunday brunch, I loaded myself at the dessert buffet… Here’s a peek at my conquests before the saying that ensued:

Mom- “You have chocolate on your lips.”
*I try to whipe it off with my tongue*
Mom- “It’s still there…”
*Much more successfully get it off… with the back of my hand… I know, I’m such a slob lady*
Mom- “No matter how much I try and teach her, she always gets chocolate all over.”
StepDad- “That’s ok!  If you get hungry later, you can just lick the chocolate off your lips for the rest of the day!”

Stay tuned for the next installment where more cool, funny, or witty things are said! =)


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