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Memorable Kisses by Mikael
March 15, 2010, 8:30 pm
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Ask anyone I know and they will probably tell you that I love kissing.  Sometimes I almost see it as an addiction–kissing withdrawals are painful to endure.   Most of the time, my mind just goes into a complete blank bliss and I tend to forget things very quickly.  Even memories of particular kisses may paralyze me for a while.

A few weeks ago, my mind wandered to my first kiss in the rain randomly and thoroughly incapacitated my brain for a good half hour.  After that, there really was no turning back from writing a favorite kiss post.  Don’t worry, I won’t name names or give “juicy” details–just the facts, maybe a little more but not much.  These are in chronological order because there’s just no way I can pick an ultimate favorite.  Trying to pick a top one would be hard–so I’m not going to!  Aaannndd… Here we go!

Where: Murray, UT at my friend’s house
When: May 2005
Setting: We were sitting on my friends trampoline in her backyard underneath a sky full of stars. (I’m a hopeless romantic in my spare time… can you tell?)
Why so wonderful: I’m not kidding when I say that time literally stopped when our lips touched.  I was completely head over heels for this guy for a very long time (a staggering 4 years).  And he just happened to be an amazing kisser on top of it all!  Still tough to get over that sucker…

A little ear… a little lip
Where: Sandy, UT in a neighborhood by my house
When: August 2005
Setting: Another night under the stars, he walked me to my car after hanging with a group of mutual friends.
Why so wonderful: Ok, a little detail is needed here. He was the first guy to ever nibble my ear, which he had done a little earlier in the night as a test to see if it turned me on. When we got to my car, he asked if he could try it again (he still wins in the ear nibbling arena to this day)– and I let him.  He lingered by my cheek for a second before kissing me.  The moment was just… AHHH! Yeah, it was a good one.

Backstage Romance
Where: Sandy Amphitheatre in Utah
When: June 2007
Setting: We were standing backstage, waiting for the finale/curtain call to come.  It was night before closing.  Throughout the ending song, we faux-serenaded each other every night.  Completely over the top and cheesy, but it was our thing!
Why so wonderful: He timed it with the kiss happening on stage… Another first kiss.  It was short and sweet, but completely memorable. I’m sure I was glowing for the final curtain that night!

The Pull Over
Where: Some street in Sandy
When: October 15, 2008
Setting: He was driving me home after treating me to a birthday dinner. Our honesty policy (we’ve been good friends for a few years) mixed with my inability to censor my thoughts from speech got me into it…
Why so wonderful: He immediately pulled the car to the side of the road to kiss me right then and there.  I’d been curious to know for years if he was a good kisser… and he didn’t disappoint. One of the best, actually.

Unexpected Valentine
Where: SLC, UT
When: February 14, 2009
Setting: His bedroom. You know the usual… “Let’s watch a movie.” Since that’s always how it ends up =P
Why so wonderful: We had kissed before… like a peck years before but not in between at all.  His line before he went in for the kill was quite clever, albeit cheesy.  And it was hotter than hell and I wasn’t expecting it to be.  At all!

Rain Kissed
Where: Cambridge, England right outside of Selwyn College
When: August 6, 2009
Setting: It was pouring rain… I pulled him out from under our cover under the college when I figured out what was coming.
Why so wonderful: First kiss in the rain, first kiss with the guy, and it was just… completely melt-worthy.  The rain completely added an extra sensuality to it.  And I hate rain so that’s really saying something.

Halloween Hookup
Where: Las Vegas, NV at Tryst (night club in Encore/Wynn)
When: October 29, 2009
Setting: Hot sweaty club where everyone is dressed up (or down) for Halloween.  Dancing with someone I just met there but was immediately attracted to.
Why so wonderful: Unexpected but very wanted. Tall, dark, handsome. Shirtless (kill me now!). Great kisser. He pulled me off of my feet.  It’s hard to think of another word for ‘hot’… Sizzling! ;)

The Perfect Fit
Where: My house & downtown SLC
When: January & March 2010
Setting: If there’s two locations and dates, you probably can guess where this is going.
Why so wonderful: Can’t pick a favorite kiss moment because all of them have been amazing. Our kissing styles match to a tee and the comfort with him is almost unbearable.  Everything is just… perfect!

*   *   *

God, I sound cheesy and whipped with that last one!  Now is definitely time for at least a couple badly memorable kiss stories.

Story 1- First french kiss on a dare: he had a stick for a tongue. What was I supposed to do with that thing?

Story 2- The guy was a good kisser. But an hour into making out, I could taste the cigarettes he neglected to tell me he smoked. Way to kill my buzz, dude!

Story 3- I don’t do kisses in highly public places well.  At all.  The guy tried laying one on me at the local movie theatre in the commons area… as soon as I felt his lips, I shoved him away from me and he fell out of his chair. Hilariously and embarrassingly bad.

*   *   *

What’s crazy to think is that I still haven’t had a New Years Kiss… Maybe this next year!

What makes a kiss qualify for your top list?


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Wow…That took me miles away. I can’t dare publish this sort of post on my blog. May be never. I personelly liked ‘A little ear …a little lip’. Though I had quite a number of kisses so far, I can’t forget the kiss I had 3 years back.

I was seen by my dad with my girlfriend. After a while, I was walking her home & it was heavily raining. She loves rain & I had to get wet though I hate it. I was talking continuosly showing my nervous state. She got turned on with my panicked expressions & she suddenly stopped to say “sorry”. Before I got what was going on, she pulled me aside & kissed. Fantastic. I started loving rain. I kissed her many times but this one was so amazing that I always pretended to panick in her presence.

I’m sorry for having utilised it for posting my kissing experience Lol. Anyways, your is one of the most romantic posts. Keep posting this sort of stuff =)

Comment by djockhere

I like the Halloween kiss the best, the guys sounds hottt. Oww owwwww I’m a sap for romantic moments myself.

Okay, I’m a little embarrassed because I swear I didn’t know where that name came from (for the jewelry shop) I really thought I was being original. Gah. So I’m giving you a shout out in the about page of the site, since you did come up with the name and all!

Comment by Angie

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