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Saying Saturday IV by Mikael
March 20, 2010, 10:30 am
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Have we really come to the 4th installment of Saying Saturday? Craziness… Time just flies these days!

Memo to Time: Slow things down please!  I’d like to savor my life in the moment more…

Click for Volumes One, Two, and Three of Saying Saturdays.

In response to a Facebook status update in which I said, “I’m starting to think I’m slightly ADD.”

Me: “I’m like a bouncy ball.  I try not to bounce but can’t help it.”

My acting teacher, who is actually diagnosed with ADHD (and is about 60, balding, and halfway deaf), said this in class this week while trying to explain a couple’s scene to the class…

AT: “These two are absolutely gaga over each other.  Like Lady Gaga. I love Lady Gaga!”

Talking with my friend of nearly 11 years about my old high school crush who I’ve been talking to since January:

11YF: “How’d you get his number?”
Me: “From high school. I forgot that I had his phone in my number!”

(not the first time I mix up nouns while talking about boys… it happens quite often)

Along with me mixing up nouns when talking about boys, here’s my favorite that I said to my gym teacher in high school…

Me: *waves to hot hockey player who is shooting hoops*
GT: “How do you know him?”
Me: “Oh, he plays brother with my hockey.”
*awkward pause*
GT: “Someone has a crush. Want me to tell him? Hey, [name omitted]!”
*I walk away* … … *fast*

We played Times Up again this week… Never fails to get a bunch of quotes:

My mom counts up how many cards we have…

Mom: “Seventeen… again.”
CaliBoy: “That’s a movie! A bad one though.”
Mom: “Hey, I like it!”
Bro’s BF: “You only like it because you like watching Zac Efron.”
Neighbor: “Zac Efron has the biggest mouth in the world! I swear he like totally eat your face off!”

Our Finnish boy wanted us to wait for him to take his laptop downstairs before starting the next round…

Me: “He’s coming! Wait!
CaliBoy: “That’s what she said.”
Bro’s BF: “There’s only so long you can wait when that happens, man.”

During the round where we can’t say anything… Where my brother got this I’ll never know.

CaliBoy: *points at me*
Bro: “Ballsack!”

And after this one, I just feel like an idiot… During the game, the other team was doing a gesture for a trident (for Poseidon) to which I said it was wrong and I did a different demonstration, thrusting my right hand upward while holding 3 fingers up. They all burst out laughing so I’m assuming they took it to be extremely dirty. But because they were laughing so hard, I laughed along.  At the end of the game, I asked my brother’s best friend to tell me why they were laughing because I didn’t get why what I did was so funny.  I think I got it now though…

Bro’s BF: “Mikael, you just proved every dumb blonde joke true.”
Me: “How do you mean? I’m not dumb!”
Bro’s BF: “You laugh at a joke and ten minutes later you say, ‘I don’t get it.'”

Talking to one of the Mews in class Friday about not wanting books to end…

M1: “You know how I told you I was listening to Harry Potter?”
Me: “Yeah!”
M1: “I finished listening to the seventh one on Tuesday and I just felt empty after. That happens every time I read or listen to it because it’s like, ‘It’s over.’  I just wish the stories could go on.”
Me: “Well, you could make it up or imagine it going on as much as you want… Except it’s much better when JK Rowling does it.”

Well I’m off to Vegas for a few days… maybe I’ll get some awesome stories this time too =) Ta-ta!


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haha….. the gym teacher story is HILLARIOUS.

Comment by kelly

Have fun in VEGASSS!

Comment by Chelsea Talks Smack

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