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Doing the Vegas Boogie by Mikael
March 24, 2010, 5:30 pm
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Shut up and put your money where you’re mouth is.
That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas!
Get up and shake the glitter off your toes now.
That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas!

Las Vegas… Ah, how I’ve missed thee!  It was on Saturday when me, my bro, and our Finnish hockey player packed up our heels and drove down to Sin City.  As I was driving down Cheyenne Blvd, it seriously felt as though I had just been there.  It felt amazing to go back… The weather of course was perfect all weekend so it was a bummer yesterday to come home to snow on the ground.

Saturday night of was one of dancing at the Mandalay Bay’s Foundation Room since that is where our promoter Brandon could get us into.  My LV Chicka (friend from last time) and I decided to do skinny jeans so no hoochie comments from my dad this time. We met at the Bay at 11 and couldn’t wait to get up to the roof lounge to dance!  Up there, there was a woman walking around with the cutest 6 week-old monkey named Isaac.  I wanted him sooo badly!  Too stinking cute for his own good…

We met a couple guys downstairs before going up to the FR, and we ended up dancing and hanging with them for much of the night. They were all there for a bachelor party/trip. (Hangover anyone? Haha) 

There was one guy in that group, however, that I just felt some weird draw to him all night.  When he would leave us to dance with other girls, I got oddly jealous–don’t ask me why.  He was quite a good looking guy: built (I got a chance to feel his arms later… I seriously just got the chills thinking about how firm and sculpted they were!), sandy brownish blonde hair, great lips.  At some point during the night, a determination instilled itself inside me to kiss him before the night was over… must have been those lips or something.

I felt bad after one of his buddies gave me his number and really wanted me to hang out with him since they were leaving the club.  Another one of the guys (whom I can’t even remember the name of) asked for my number but I told him I don’t give it out and he asked if I had given it to any of his friends.  At that point in the night, it was true that I hadn’t.  They all wanted us to join them back to their hotel… I know that’s a little bit of a sketchy place to be in with a bunch of single twenty-something guys so I politely declined. 

LV Chicka had found some Italian to dance with as the early morning drew near.  He tried to get me to dance with his buddy, and even though he was cute, I was still going ga-ga for the other guy who was still around even though his friends left at 3 to go to a strip club.  So I tracked him down into the entrance hall where we talked a bit more intimately.  He told me he thought I was into his friends and not him.  I assured him that wasn’t the case.  He even confessed that he felt there was some magnetic force between us two from minute one (his words, not mine!).

After a moment of hanging onto his shirt, I kissed him.  Then we couldn’t stop.  In the words of LV Chicka, we “couldn’t take our hands off each other.”  While we were dancing, there was a moment where he raked his hands strongly down my back… I don’t think I’ve ever gasped like that in my life public before.  

Of course, he kept asking me if I’d join him back to his hotel room.  He said he wouldn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to, but I still told him I shouldn’t. Instead, when the club closed, I drove him back to the hotel he was staying at… We chatted in in my car (et cetera ;) ) until about 7:30 AM.  We got to see the sunrise which was completely gorgeous.  Almost felt like high school again because we were in the backseat. 

Take it to the backseat. Run it like a track meet. 
Tonight I’m going to give you all my love in the backseat.
Bubble pop electric! Uh, oh! In the backseat!

He said missing the bachelor strip club was worth it to “smooch” with me.  Definitely twitterpated with him.  Apparently, I’m his Utah GF, I guess… so does that make him my Colorado BF?  Haha. We swapped numbers so we’ll see what happens.  (I’m mad at myself right now because I can’t remember what the hell he looks like!  That only happens when I really start to like someone…Drat)

Dad caught me pulling into the driveway at 8 AM. If I was younger than 21, he probably would have had a cow.  But he was totally chill!  I’m surprised how well he is handling me growing up.

Sunday, the family just lounged by the pool. I layed out in the sun mostly just so I could sneak a little sleep in… also the pool was dead cold!  I filmed my dogs jumping into the pool a little bit too.  Ceadar has her ‘pool pounce’ down! 

My dad, bro and Finnish boy ended up watching Old Dogs.  Had no idea it would be as hilarious as it was!  Way cute show.  Good choice on their part, for sure.

Later that night, I met with LV Chicka for Stoney’s Sunday Hip-Hop night.  Another heavy night of dancing.  Lots of sweating.  A few guys tried to dance but I was just there for the music so I brushed off a lot of them.  I had had my fling for the weekend and that’s all I needed.  By the time I got home at 4 AM, I was so ready to crash that I didn’t wake up until the afternoon.

The last night, Monday, we went out with our Aunt to dinner at the Yardhouse.  No martinis this time–just dessert: that warm brownie topped with mint ice cream!  SO fricking delicious! 

Throughout the entire weekend, all I could think was, “Why don’t I live here?” It’s much too beautiful down there with the sun and the warm temps.  I don’t get it… I always have so much more fun outside of Utah.  Whenever I get out of Utah, I never look forward to coming back.  There’s something seriously wrong with that.  That’s gotta be the universe’s way of telling me that I don’t belong here or something. 

I just realized I went the entire weekend without a drink.  Goes to show that you can have a blast without it! =)

Pretty sure I’m going back not this weekend but the one after for my BFF’s birthday celebration.  Glad to not have a month break in between my Vegas visits…

Ta-ta for now!

Songs quoted:
Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry & Bubble Pop Electric by Gwen Stefani


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LOVE VEGAS!!!!! UGH stuck in the midwest with eh… ok for now weather. I used to go to Vegas for work…. not that kind of work…. he he he

So glad Vegas can keep secrets!

Comment by Torn

I haven’t been to Vegas. I consider this a sin. I need to get out there ASAP!


Comment by Kayla

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