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Brudder’s Burfday by Mikael
March 26, 2010, 12:42 pm
Filed under: Family, Remembering

Yep, it’s my little bro’s birthday.  He’s 18 going on 4.  We’ve been saying that since he’s been 4 to make up for his ADD-ness. 

But I love my brother, I truly do.  He is a really great guy when his eyes and hands aren’t glued to a video gaming system.  Or when he’s not being obnoxious and loud. Or when he’s not hitting me.  Don’t worry, he does it in good fun.  It just so happens that I find it more painful than amusing! 

We actually get along really well on most days.  He’s the only biological sibling I have!  If I didn’t have him, I know I’d miss him (despite the fact that I got angry at my mom when he was born– “Send him back! I told you I wanted a baby sister!”).  Mind if I share a couple of my favorite memories of/with him as a tribute to his burfday?

~ Right after my high school graduation, my brother actually gave me a hug.  I’m so glad someone was taking pictures or else I wouldn’t have believed it.

~ Once night, my mom, bro and I all got out the video camera and went crazy!  He was about 8 at the time, so I was 10/11.  My mom filmed him and I being completely wacko, singing and dancing and beating each other up.  If I remember correctly, because the video got recorded over, he jumped up and down while singing “Chills up and down, up and down my spine” from the song “Heart Over Mind” by Lorrie Morgan completely off-key and like a spazoid… and then he tripped over himself.  Still makes me smile!

~ I love it when him and I sit and talk about stuff seriously like when we are driving somewhere together.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I revel in it.  It shows me he’s growing up alright!

~ After coming home from England, my dad said I should go back… because my brother actually behaved while I was gone.  Turns out that teasing the people you love the most is true :P (he does it to my mom too)

~ He’s the one who introduced me to the Pokemon video games.  Need I say more?

~ When I bought him Call of Duty for Christmas this past year, it made me secretly thrilled when he couldn’t get off it for 7 whole hours that day even though we all berate him for playing video games (mainly WOW) too much. 

~ Whenever we play Darkrift on the N64 and he chooses Zenmuron and I choose Demonica. We never know who’s going to win because those are our best characters. I kick his trash most of the time. That’s only because I play that game more than he does though!

~ Come to think of it… I usually always have fun playing games with him, may it be cards or the Wii.

~ He’s actually a really funny guy!  He can make me laugh even if I don’t want to.

Now if only I could figure out what to get him since he’s no help in telling anyone what he wants!  Seriously what do you get a gamer kid who seemingly has every game he could ever need or want?

Well, my lunch break is coming to a close so this post has to as well. 

Happy Burfday Brudder!  Love ya!


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