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Saying Saturday V by Mikael
March 27, 2010, 12:00 pm
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Click for Volumes One, Two, Three, and Four of Saying Saturdays.

There should be some sort of celebration for having reached the fifth Saying Saturday!  Well, you’re being introduced to my BFF this week in the quotes.  We met when we were 12 in the performing group we were both a part of.  She is pretty much my favorite person in the whole world!  She is the only person I have ever been drunk with… I have a feeling it’s because of my comfort level with her.  She’s hot and so is her boyfriend.  No matter how long we go without seeing each other, it’s like we never parted.  Everything stays the same between us!  Best friends for life!  =)

Well here we go!

*     *     *

In Vegas, my dad’s friend H leaned back in a chair and completely smacked his head against the pavement when it tumbled backwards on him.  A couple quotes surrounding that moment:

H– At least I still have my chips.
Stepmom– Yeah, in crumbs!

H– I think I broke your chair.
StepMom– Well, why the hell did you sit in the one chair we have that was already broken?

On Tuesday at work when my hot water spilled all over the counter in the kitchen area near my cubicle.  One of the bosses found me trying to clean it up:

Boss– It’s only 8 o’clock and you’re already making a mess!
Me– The water spilled–it wasn’t my fault!
Boss– You mean you knocked it over?
Me– Spilled… knocked over… basically means the same thing! *start to walk away*
Boss– Haha, right…

Out shopping with my BFF on Thursday. We’re talking boys as we so often do.

BFF– So how’s that one guy?
Me– Which one?
BFF– Jeez Mikael, you have so many I can’t keep track of them let alone their names!  The one you were really into!
Me– Oh the one from school? His name is ___.
BFF–  Yeah that one. Ok, he’s Boy #1.
Me– Boy #1?
BFF–  Yes, we are numbering your boys from now on so I can keep them straight.  ___ is Boy#1 and your Vegas fling is Boy#2 for right now. So how is Boy #1?

While we were trying on bustier/corset tops…

Me– These things are a pain in the ass to get on but easy to get off. This is messed up…
BFF– It makes it easy for guys.
Me- So we go through all the trouble and hours of putting them on only to have them get it off in T minus 2 seconds!  How is that fair?
BFF– It’s not!  Guys are just lazy… they need the help.  It’s why they like this stuff so much.
Me- Yeah, still not fair.

A tweet from a good friend that had my whole family laughing…

@kellyanne13~ @blondekel13 so i’m reading you blog, & i just cracked up at this:”me, my brother, &our finnish hockey player” haha! it’s like he’s a pet!:)

Dinner last night (Friday)…  My stepdad and I are talking about the steak he cooked when my brother suddenly said:

Bro– 22! … Was that the answer?
StepDad– Only on Tuesdays.

Since yesterday was my brother’s birthday, here are a couple of his infamous quotes through the years…

In a crowded, silent elevator, and he was aged 8 I think:

Bro– I like chicken… Can I have a turkey sandwich?

My stepsister, brother, and I were messing with our video camera several years ago and we didn’t know it was on… My brother was holding it up to his shirt.

Bro- It’s recording!
StepSis- No, it’s not.
Bro- Mmhmm, I see a little red dot!
StepSis & Me- What?!
Stepsis– Take it off record, take it off record!
Bro- HOW?
StepSis– Push the red dot again!!!

Ongoing joke with our family that started with him about a decade ago… I’m not quite sure how it came up.

StepDad– I thought you liked this! (this replacing many different things throughout the years)
Bro– Only on Tuesdays.

It was during one of our first ski trips.  He learned when he was about six.  We were all heading down the mountain and this is what we hear:

Bro– MOM!
Mom– What?
Bro– I’m go-win’ tha-rough the ter-rees!
*he hit a branch and he came out a huge snowball*

Wow… so much fun reminiscing in how funny my brother can be.  Have a good weekend ya’ll! =)


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