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I hate colds by Mikael
March 29, 2010, 8:17 pm
Filed under: Family, Friends, Health, Venting

Pretty sure my brother got the whole house sick.  So in return for the birthday presents we gave him (ended up giving him $50 for GameStop), he gave us all a nasty cold.  Can I just say how lovely each and every one of my coughs are? And how good it feels to not be able to taste and appreciate any food because of the insane sinus pressure and congestion?  And how I can’t exercise because it will make the cold worse? *sigh*

This is my second cold in 2010… WTF, man?  I got one in February, like immediately post-Vegas V-day.  I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a pattern for this year.  Except it is the year I turn 22!  Crap… maybe my bad luck is starting now! Is there any way to cure a cold in one day so I don’t have to go through this exhausting process again?  Let’s hope this is the last one for a long time.

And I’m hoping this nast-ass cold goes away or is diminished enough that I can celebrate this weekend.  In Vegas. Yes, again!  It’s my BFF’s 21st birthday celebration this time though so it should be a little different.  Don’t know what we are doing yet, but I’m sure it will be interesting… It always is with her.


Well, I’m exhausted. And I need to read 100 98 pages of Great Expectations for class tomorrow morning… so good night!


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That sounds like a nasty one, the kind that leave you with a goopy cough for a week after its gone. Hopefully when it gets warm out we won’t have to deal with that (as long as it STAYS warm…) Relax and get well.

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