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Unexpected Development by Mikael
April 9, 2010, 5:41 pm
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The only reason I’m announcing this right here and right now is because I can’t handle my big bang TMI Thursday story being at the forefront of my blog :P (please note that I do not even link to it there…yep, that mortified haha!)

Last night, I had a double date with someone with whom a crush first developed two years ago when I first saw him dance (let’s call him BD for BreakDancer).  We both frequented the same club which was aptly nicknamed “Kiddie Vortex” because it was the only club in the Salt Lake area that allowed 16 year olds and up.  He’d breakdance and do the contests, and I’d bust it with my girls.  First night I saw him, I remember telling the girls that I had a crush on him for his dancing (and he just happened to be really cute too).  They even remember to this day how ga-ga over him I was that night… they are my witnesses.

Last week, we all happened to be in the same club in honor of a mutual friend’s life that was cut short by a car crash–RIP Maquelle Madison.  Very unfortunate circumstances indeed.  She was such a sweet, funny girl… She will be sorely missed.  The Madison family is in all of our prayers.

But BD was there.  Although it did take me a good ten minutes to figure out how I recognized him.  One of my girls informed me that he was the breakdancer I crushed on.  He tells me it’s my fault that he got into a dance-off with some other guys there that night… :P  Somehow we ended up flirting and he handed me his phone, telling me to put my number in it.  Not even two hours later, he texted me asking when he could see me again.  *swoon* (Yes, I’m a girl and apparently I still do that at 21.)

BD and I texted/talked nearly every day for this past week and a half.  I’d almost say too much, but I won’t lie that it was flattering that he thought of me so much.  And I like talking to him!  My crush was definitely coming back full force.  We hung out last Thursday by going to a park where it started snowing and we continued to play basketball at the playground before heading back to his house to warm up.  Soon after, he took me out to introduce me to a few of his friends at a nearby bar.  Then we planned a double date for last night with my Koolaid.  Dinner and dancing.  Had a great time!  BD even made a huge promise to me for me (here’s hoping he stays true to it) because he says I’m one of the few girls worth it.  By the end of the night, he told me he wanted me for himself.  Luckily for him, I reciprocated the feelings. ;)

So that’s how I got where I am today!  I’m “with” someone officially.  Saying that is going to take a lot of getting used too.  I haven’t “officially” had someone since the summer before my junior year in high school.  It will be nice to finally have someone who I care about who cares about me.  I know it’s a little fast, but technically we really met 2 years ago so that counts for something… right?  Haha!  We’re still getting to know each other so it’s nice and we’re having a good time. 

So there’s my unexpected development.  I’m excited for to try this new experience out!  He’s completely different from my typical preference of guys so it will definitely be an adventure.  This is going to be fun… =)


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The story made me swoon, I hope he makes you happy always! The fact that he can dance is definitely a plus.

Comment by andhari

Aw thank you so much! And it is a major plus… Seriously, I don’t get nearly the workout I want when I go out dancing with him because I’m too entertained watching him. Haha!

Comment by Mikael

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