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Whatever Gets You Through Today by Mikael
April 13, 2010, 12:30 pm
Filed under: Boyfriend, College, Imagine, Venting


That time has come yet again.  Finals.  Last time I had finals I pulled only 1 all-nighter during that 2-3 week period.  Hell, my finals were a breeze last semester!  I actually had fun with 2 of my finals which including composing a poetry portfolio from the semester with a brief 2 page paper on how I found connections through all of our readings, then for my Writing Fiction course, the final was optional–something we were passionate about that maybe didn’t work for something.  I did it because I wanted my teacher’s feedback.

In this semester alone, I’ve already pulled 3 all-nighters including the one last night and several really late nights just to finish homework.  I’m almost positive there will be one more if not two more all-nighters/late-nighters.  And this was supposed to be my fun semester!  My history class, though I love it, requires far too much work for my liking.  I hate history, but I love Victorian England so I wanted to learn about it.  I should have opted for the NoCredit option.  Then my Victorian Literature class requires an insane amount of reading on top of essays that require far too much planning. 

Do I procrastinate?  Oh yes.  On purpose?  No, not really.  I just get distracted far too easily.  I read something interesting that sparks a related thought in my mind then I want to research that, which in turn probably makes me want to research something else!  It’s an awful cycle that’s all too fascinating.  I like learning too much… it’s just the application that I hate.

So yeah, I got to bed at 6:15 this morning and woke up at 7:30.  Last night it was an essay for my Victorian Lit class.  I have no idea how so many strange dreams bugged my brain for that small period of time, but they did.  Don’t know how I’m functioning right now.  Oh yeah, I had a Coke Zero as a part of my breakfast.  Am I stupid for wanting to go to the gym today after work?  I need to work out today since I missed yesterday while I procrastinated even more worked on my essay.  Then once I actually get into the writing process, I get so incredibly picky that I finally just get sick of myself that I just want to chuck my laptop at the wall (and then I’d cry because I’m horribly attached to it). 

The all-nighter isn’t helping my cause especially since I essentially pulled two over this past weekend and I’m sure another one will happen this Saturday night as well.  Boyfriend + Finals = BAD COMBO!  Eh, I’ll survive… Some fun is needed during finals time to stay sane, so I’ll allow a little.

But where’s the fastforward button until then?  I just want to be done… like, now.


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