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Motivation+Inspiration by Mikael
April 14, 2010, 10:35 pm
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I’ve been thinking about motivation and inspiration a lot lately.

I motivate myself to go to the gym, to make my body stronger and build my endurance, and so I lessen my chances of having health problems.  Not to mention, being active is a killer stress reducer.  And yes, it keeps my body rocking!

Music, books, and movies all inspire me to create.  Dreams do too.  My imagination can go crazy from these sources.

I’m motivated by people who do good things for their bodies and for others.  Makes me want to be like them.

My heart and voice inspire me to sing.  It’s truly my life.  If I couldn’t sing, nothing would be right in my world.

I’m inspired and motivated by my family and friends alike for being the people I know and love.  Their support always makes me want to be better.

Learning is behind both as well.  I’m motivated to learn and inspired by what I learn.  So I love it no matter which end is in play.  And it often inspires and motivates other things… like going to Italy when I graduate to work and live for a few months because I’m learning Italian at my University ;)

Though sometimes, I go through periods where one or the other is lacking.  Just like last week, where I realized that I had all these ideas and things that I want to do but nothing was inspiring me to take the first step.  I didn’t want to force the motivation because then it would have made the actions seem like something tedious.

Like writing.  I love writing!  Ever since I was little, writing was an escape for me much like singing, only it records itself. I have story idea after story idea, poems and lyrics all jumbling around in my head almost as constantly as a song hums through it.  I couldn’t motivate myself to write them though because I wasn’t feeling inspired or driven by anything to actually get them down.  Forcing myself to write would make it seem like a chore.  I can’t do that because I love it too much to let it become so.

Took a couple days to get over that funk, and I managed to write 250 words on a story that has been plaguing me in a dream lately.  Yes, that sounds cliche coming from yet another writer.  But it’s true.  And I know that’s not very much, but that’s all my current tank of inspiration could release at that moment and I’m ok with that.

When I started reading one of my very favorite books “Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale, I got inspired again.  One of my favorite writers and favorite stories–it’s always had a magic for me that I wish could stay with me always.

I’m working on staying both motivated and inspired to do what I love, plan for my future, and stay true to me.  Time is short!  I realize that so often yet forget it so much, it scares me sometimes.  21 and a half years have passed since I graced this earth.  It used to seem so slow but it’s picking up speed.  If I’m not inspired and motivated to do something now when I’m young and filled with vitality, then life will pass me by until old age and degeneration make it so I can’t do anything.  Who wants to ask themselves, “What have I done with my life?” either because they never did what they loved, or anything worthwhile, or if they have done something completely wrong or out of character.  I know I don’t.  Ever.

Motivation and inspiration are two different things.  Reason provides motivation–you know there’s something to be gained by being motivated.  You can want the result but there’s no spark to drive it.  That drive is behind inspiration. Perhaps that’s my own personal form of God–inspiration.  I need to remember what inspires me as I hope to inspire others whenever possible.

So tell me… what inspires you?


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