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Great PT by Mikael
April 16, 2010, 12:35 pm
Filed under: Dreams, Family, Happy Dance Time, TMJ, Updates

PT is short for physical therapy… in case you didn’t know.  And another “in case you didn’t know” is that I graduated PT last January, but my jaw problems came back to haunt my left side earlier this year so I’ve had to go back again. *sigh*

This morning I had my session at 8 AM.  After a night of drinking & getting home at 3 AM.  Yeah, I know–I’m a smart one!  So I was so looking forward to relaxing during my session and getting an extra hour of snoozing.

Not only was I snoozing, but during my heat/compression therapy and waiting for Dr. S to come work with me I started dreaming !  And if you know me, I tend to have strange dreams.

The dream from this morning had my cousins and family all coming to my PT doctors office.  It was like I was dying or something because all my little boy cousins came and sat on my lap.  I kept telling them I wasn’t dying but they insisted on seeing me because they might not for a while (why can’t it be like that in real life?!–well, not during my doctors appointments but you catch my drift).  I wanted to get up and play with them, but the PT assistants kept telling me that I needed to stay down.  Then my cousins ordered sausage pizza, and I hate sausage so I couldn’t touch it despite my aching hunger.  One of my younger cousins, the one whom I promised we’d be best buds forever when he was 2 (and he still remembers it even now that he’s 8!), started messing around on the PT bed next to me and I told him to stop so he wouldn’t mess it up… it just took a minute for him to get down.  Don’t know how a dream managed to squeak into that short power sleep, but I’ll take it.  Means I was deep in. (twhs)

Dr. S came in and worked his hands around my head and mouth, asking me how everything was going.  Told him I was feeling much better in comparison as to when I had to start seeing him again.  Guess what he said?

“This is not the jaw that I saw a few weeks ago.  It looks and feels really good!  I don’t want to see you for a while, you hear?”

Haha!  But he did make me keep the appointment that I originally made for May just to check up on me to be sure.  Made me happy.  But I did not want to get off that bed… far too comfortable. 

Here’s to a great Friday!


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