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Saying Saturday VI by Mikael
April 17, 2010, 12:05 pm
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Wow… Volume Six it is! Click to view previous Saying Saturdays.  If you’ve missed out on others, a lot of silly, weird, or even enlightening things are said around my family and friends.  It’s rather fun documenting my favorite moments this way =)

Let’s roll!

Back at Christmas at my grandmother’s house.  My three young girl cousins were all sitting around talking to our Finnish hockey player, who started counting in Swedish…

Me– You know Swedish too?
Fin– Yes, we have to learn it in school.
Me– So you know three languages?
Fin– Yes.
13YO Cousin– What’s the last one?

(I’m convinced blonde-ness runs in the family.)

Best phone conversation ever being heard from one side…

Dad– So what did you get for your birthday month today?

A pedophile?  *I snort and choke on my coke… wow that sounds bad. Coca cola :P*

Wait what?

Are you sure it’s a pedophile?

Oh, you put it on your hip?

THAT’s a pedometer!  It counts your steps.  A pedophile is a man who molests young kids!

StepMom– *whispers to me* Maybe tomorrow he can get a rapist to go with his pedophile.

Me– What time are we leaving?
Bro– *lifts his leg and rips a fart* At that time.

After watching a new “turn your cell off during the movie” advertisement at our cineplex where a kid gets the paddle in class, then an old man turns to his grandson and says, “And that’s why old people don’t text during movies.” Dang cute video.

Bro- If school was like that when I was young, I might have actually learned something!

StepDad– You have more money than brains!
Bro– I know!

BD was messing with my iPod adaptor/dock in my car…

Me- That’s broken, don’t bother trying to fix it.  I’ve tried.
BD- It’s only broken if it can’t be fixed with ducktape anymore.  It’s not beyond ducktape repair, babe. ;)
Me– What is it with guys and ducktape?
BD– It’s an easy cure-all for everything.
Me– Not everything.
BD– No, but pretty damn close!

That’s it for this week!  There’s a really good one that I’m saving for the next round… here’s a hint: my mom is an utter clutz! Haha!

Have a good weekend!


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“StepMom- *whispers to me* Maybe tomorrow he can get a rapist to go with his pedophile.”

Your step mom is funny! I LOLed.

True about the duct tape thing.

Comment by cookies4breakfast

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