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Saying Saturday VII by Mikael
April 24, 2010, 12:16 pm
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It is my favorite yet again… Volume 7 of SS.  Click to view previous Saying Saturdays.  If you’ve missed out on others, a lot of silly, weird, or even enlightening things are said around my family and friends.  It’s rather fun documenting my favorite moments this way =)

*   *   *

BD walks in eating his birthday cake straight from his fingers…

Me– That’s right.  Be a man: don’t use plates, use your hands!
BD– Damn straight!

On the topic of men and hands, here’s a quote I remember hearing my brother yell when he was 6 or 7 years old and we were having a camp out on our trampoline.  I woke up to hear liquid tinkling by the fence until a voice breaks through the silence…

Bro– Be a man! Whipe your butt with your hand!

… … … No comment.

Mom comes upstairs and is pouting…

Mom– Your brother and [his best friend] are making fun of me.
Me– And why would they do that?
Mom– … I tripped over the elliptical.
Me– Care to elaborate how you miss something like that? That thing is huge!
Mom- I was helping [StepDad] by carrying the window cleaning stuff and whomp, face first.  It hurt!
Me- Aw, I’m sorry. *holding back chuckles* I swear only you would do that, Mom!
Mom– You’re laughing at me!
Me– Well, I’m trying really hard not to but the way you explain and whine about it just makes it all the more funny.

Lunch with the Mews, my 2 girlies that attended Cambridge with me last summer, always seems to get some hilarious moments…

M2 is talking about a guy she’s crushed on and it’s obvious he likes her too…

Me- Just tell him that you think it’s about time you two swapped numbers.
M2– I think of reasons all the time to get him to ask for my number.  Like, “Hey, we’re matching today–you should get my number!”
M1- Yeah, don’t say that!
M2- I know, I don’t!  But still we match all the fricking time–it’s scary!

Me– Oh, that guy? The one you mentioned last time?
M2– Yeah, you’ve seen us walking on campus together.  We are sooo cute!  But he’s sooo STUPID!

M2 has just told us a story about a “special” boy asking her to accompany him to a banquet. She was the 16th girl he’d asked but she had said no. She did feel rather insulted that she was the 16th though.

M1– That could actually be a good thing.
M2- You can see a good thing in this?
M1- You were 16th on the list because you were so out of his league.  He’d asked all the girls that would better suit him. You were just out of his league, he knew it, and that’s why you were the 16th. 
M2- You think a mentally disabled boy could think of all that?
M1– … … Maybe!

M2- When you said you and your boyfriend play games, my mind went– “No we’re not talking anymore!”
Me- Not those kind of games!  You’re mind totally went to the gutter… DIRTY!
M2- I’m a liar, I’m dirty, and I’m terrible. A terrible, horrible person.

Looking at M2’s car that sat underneath a tree and had a bunch of junk on it from the stuff that fell off the tree.  It looked gross!

Me- What is this stuff?
M2- I don’t even know!  It looks like pumpkin… like someone pumpkin-ed my car… except that spot looks like sperm.

That’s it for now… Thanks for tuning in. Keep an eye out for Saying Saturday 8! =)


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