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Inhale… Exhale… by Mikael
April 28, 2010, 12:36 pm
Filed under: Family, Unhappy, Venting

Just trying to keep myself calm…But expletives are circling my mind like race horses.  Which is not what I need a half hour before my interview for the internship I hope to have in the fall.  I’m so glad I have this blog for a sense of release.  But a punching bag is preferable right now–then I can pretend it’s the person who messed it up for everyone because if I really beat them up then… never mind.  I’d rather not get into that.  Now onto why I’m trying to remember how to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide.

I’ve never done my own taxes.  Someone in my family helps us all submit ours by using TurboTax.  A great chunk of money was supposed to be returned to me this year. But guess what?  That someone royally damned it all to hell for me and my brother this year so now we owe money.  If it weren’t for a mending return or something like that which will help us get our returns, I’d be throwing a real tantrum. At least I’ll get my money eventually.

Next year, I’m doing it myself.  I’ll learn.  I’m never trusting someone else to do it again unless I’m watching meticulously over their shoulder the entire time.

I feel a little better now.  That is all.

Wish me luck on my interview!

[UPDATE: Turns out it was a combination of TurboTax error as well as human oversight ,but mostly TurboTax because technically my paperwork should not have gone through but it did anyway.]


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