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Pre-Final-Final Jitters by Mikael
May 3, 2010, 1:02 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, ADD-ness, Boyfriend, College, Laughs, Venting

I’m under an attack of ADD-ness.  It’s Allie Brosh’s fault, I’m convinced of it. Perhaps my brain was struck by a brick in my hypothetical game of “Duck Duck Brick” or something because it is really gone!

I fear the underground is crumbling beneath me…

So my Victorian Literature final essay turned out fabulous, if I may say so.  BUT I still have one final left… tomorrow morning. GAH!  Can’t someone just shoot me in the head, say I’m dead, and then revive me at 1 o’clock tomorrow afternoon so I can be exempt from it? 

It’s an eff-ing history class!  Would someone please explain why a history final would be full of essay questions?  If I wanted to take another writing class, I would have stuck with something from the English department.  I went to history because I thought there wouldn’t be much writing and the final would basically be memorizing facts… yeah not so much.  Boy was I jipped!  I’ve had to write more in this history class then half of my required English courses.  Messed up right? RIGHT? Me thinks so. Never again. Never.

I really want a trampoline again.  Jump.  Jump.  Good stress relief.  Good for laying on at night while looking at the stars.

Going to something called Pete’s Rock with my boy tomorrow after my final as a cool down/celebration for surviving the semester.  Something physical then I can go pass out in my stress-free post-final nap (I can hardly wait!)

He actually just told me to calm down when my mind went about five different directions in our texting conversation… I’m so glad he gets ADD attacks too or else I’d be afraid of scaring him off because he has not seen my hyperactive side yet.

Just realized I accidentally sang “ond and on” in my cover of My Heart Will Go On. Oops. Don’t know what I was thinking there!

My favorite oops moment ever is the one in Independence Day with Will Smith when he’s trying to drive the alien space ship. “Hehe, oops!”

If I were to really play one of those brick games, it would be “Drop the Brick” just so I could watch people scatter right before the brick hits the ground and makes a wicked awesome sound.  Preferably putting a large crack and indent in both the ground and the brick.

That rhyme was completely intentional.

I think my ADD side is here because my mind is slowly going crazy with the anxiety of my final final tomorrow. It just might crack under the pressure. Despite the fact that I don’t really care much about this final. Is that bad?

Monday lunch break–complete.


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