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Flash Fiction Thursday: Too Young by Mikael
May 6, 2010, 1:02 pm
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A couple of weeks ago, I found UnabridgedGirl.  And then she started doing Flash Fiction Thursdays not long after I subscribed, so I thought I’d join in this week!


        What have I done?  I’m not even sure of how I got here.  And I don’t even know what to do now… My breathing quickens as the stillness in the room becomes unbearable.  Not knowing what to expect, my eyes dart this way and that, just waiting for the worst.  Is the worst that can happen a bad thing for me?  Or for him? 

        The doors at the back of the room slam shut, sending a tremor throughout the crowd who all look back to see the entrant.  I feel like I am moving in slow motion as I turn around to see him being escorted down the aisle.  Dressed up in a gray suit, Logan’s dark brown hair curves around his face, his deep hazel eyes brooding.  Until they find me.  Something like a light flickers behind them and I see a shadow of a smile trying to break through his full lips.  My tongue clings to the roof of my mouth, making it utterly impossible to show any emotion on my face. 

        I want to smile at him–to let him know that this is a dream and that everything will be alright.  The intensity pressing in on us like thick clouds suffocates me, preventing me from looking away from him.  As he gets closer, my breath catches in my chest.  My hands twitch to reach out and grab his as he walks by me.  That’s when I notice the hand cuffs around his wrists. 

        “All rise for the Honorable Judge Wykoff,” the bailiff states blandly, opening the door and allowing the judge into the courtroom.  A lady with a square face and short stature enters the room.  Trembling, my knees almost give way as I stand. Next to me, I feel a shudder run through my mom’s shoulders.  I cannot look at her because I know she will be crying. 

        A memory of Logan and I wrapped in each others arms in his backyard immediately comes to my mind, reminding me of the last time I cried when he got that despicable court order.  Just the thought nearly brings fresh tears to my eyes.  It takes me a minute to realize that my arms have curled around my body, trying to keep my throbbing chest from exploding. 

        I may be the only one here who believes he doesn’t belong there.  Actually, I’m the only one that knows the truth. But why would anyone listen to a seventeen year old like me, Amy Rousseau?  The girl who was foolish enough to believe that age was just a number.  The girl whose current guilt is completely unfounded.

       As though struck with an arrow, my heart stops as my best friend, the love of my life, takes his seat behind the defense table.


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Welcome to Flash Fiction Thursday! And what a great post, too! I want to know what he did (or didn’t) do. :)

PS What a fun header, too. I love the “yours truly”.

Comment by unabridgedgirl

Thank you so much! In a sense, this is a prologue of sorts and the story actually begins about a few months before this moment. It all has to do with perception. ;)

Comment by Mikael

You have me curious and oh, great job, I can’t write fiction to save my life!

Comment by Lucy

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