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Saying Saturday VIII by Mikael
May 15, 2010, 12:00 pm
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Welcome back to one of my favorite blogging antics!  Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since the last one, but that means this is a monster volume!  Almost starting to think I want a button or something for it…

If you want, you can see previous Saying Saturdays.  If you’ve missed out on others, a lot of silly, weird, or even enlightening things are said around my family and friends.  It’s rather fun documenting my favorite moments this way =)

While discussing my upcoming trip to Italy…

Bro’s BF- Have you seen Wanted?
Me- Uh, yeah.
Bro’s BF- Oh, I meant Taken.
Me- Yes, I’ve seen that one too.  I saw it before I went to England last summer.
Bro’s BF- Yeah, that’s going to happen.
Me- I’m smart enough to not fall for that kind of crap.
Bro’s BF– No, it’s going to happen.
Me– No, I’d make it so hard for someone to take me. Their balls would be on the ground!
Bro’s BF– Good luck with that.
Me– Thanks for the vote of confidence, bud.
Bro’s BF– You’re welcome.

StepDad– In Florence, there are a couple of things you should see…
Mom– See David whose peepee is weenie! *gestures with small space between her fingers*

StepDad– The bathrooms in restaurants are bad.
Mom– There are no toilet seats.
Me- *grossed out* Then where are we supposed to pee?
Mom- Make sure you bring a water bottle.
Me– What? To pee in?
Mom– No, there’s fountains where you can fill them up everywhere!
Me– Then where are we supposed to pee if you’re telling us to bring a water bottle?  That stuff comes out sometime, Mother!

My blackberry has a glitch as of right now… an MMS message that had a sound attachment on it has made it so whenever I turn off a notification of end a call–it farts. It’s been the source of much laughter this week around my office and at home.  Here’s what my female co-worker a few cubicles down had to say about it…

C- Mikael, I’ve decided that you should not fix your phone.  It has become my source of entertainment at work.  I just live to hear it fart now.

C- You’d think there’d be an age where farts would no longer be funny… There isn’t.  There’s always amusement in farts, no matter how old you get.

My BBF was over for martinis and we were talking about sex and reproduction as we so often do.

BFF- I’m never having kids!  I’ll go and get fixed tomorrow!

Babysitting a couple of my favorite boys last week made for some cute quotes as well.
They were coloring with those magic markers that don’t make a mess but make colors appear on special paper.  Roo (not his real name) is almost 4, and he was coloring what looked like a water dragon…

Me- Look!  He’s got scales!
Roo- No, they are u’s.
Me- Why do you call them u’s?
Roo- Because… that’s what we call them!

Me- What’s your favorite color?
Roo- Pink. It’s pretty. I like pretty things.

Me- Where does that monster live?
Roo- In the paper. Right here. Where I’m coloring.

My grandpa, the ultimate jokester in the family, came over the other day and he overheard that I had learned Italian in school.

GPa– Come stai? (how are you?)
Me- Sto bene, e tu? (I’m good, and you?)
GPa– Bene, grazie. Molto bene? (Good, thanks. Very good,)
Me- Perche bene? (Why so good?)
GPa– Hemorrhoids.

My brother, his BF, and I were watching Hook the other day.  This followed the part where the blonde girl gasps when she removes Hook’s hook for Jack’s baseball game.

Me- I thought you two would think that was funny.
Bro’s BF- That she got turned on by getting his hook off?


Wow… this one is really long!  Haha, I’ll save the two other quotes I got a couple of days ago for the next round.  Plus, again I’m in Vegas and Phoenix this weekend so there may be a lot more to come for round 9! 

Have a good weekend!


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Now I kind of want to hear the phone fart… ;-)

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