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Flash Fiction Thursday~ Not That Girl by Mikael

Here’s me just winging it and writing what came to me.  I’m thinking this genre or something along these lines is my calling… I’m curious to see if people think I could pull off something like this or not. Haha! Enjoy!

A warm hand curled around Rachel’s stomach, trailing across her rib cage, exploring the contours of the dip in her waist, and occasionally massaging pressure points along her collarbone and neck.  Her wavy blonde hair was stroked aside exposing the left side of her neck.  He continued to move his hands over her as though she were a nearly finished sculpture, smoothing out the edges.

At certain moments, it were as though he were trying to draw her closer to him by lightly tugging at her hips.  She felt herself pull inward but at the same time, her body gravitated towards the hot, solid chest laying directly behind her.

Then there was his lips.  They were almost expected.  They pressed gently against her neck and she was sure his breath would leave visible marks with the way they scorched her.  Branding her as though she wouldn’t be able to deny what she was doing at a later moment.  Branding her incapable of justifying herself.

Then her conscience kicked in.

“You’re pushing it,” she said, snapping her eyes open, trying to pull away but the sexual chemistry between the two of them was unbearably undeniable.  It had been since they first met a month before.  Her self-control was being pulled to a thin wire.  She wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

“Pushing what?” he whispered against her neck before kissing it a few more times.

“I’m still technically with someone.  I haven’t broken it off with David yet.”

She was planning on telling him they were over within the next 24 hours.  He slept with someone else.  He broke any chance of her trusting him.  And now the guy that her soon-to-be-ex said he explicitly hated was behind her, his roaming hands treating her to simple weaknesses David never really bothered to exploit.  Like the breath on her neck or the gentle caresses on her belly.

The warm chest vanished from behind her and his hands rolled her over to look him.  His lips were like a bow, soft with delicious curves.  They stood out next his hard-lined jaw and pronounced cheek bones.  He was, as she bit her lip in guilt thinking it, far too attractive to be lying beside her so closely.  “You call that a someone?” he asked as he lowered himself to kiss her shoulder.

“Yes.  Technically.  I’m not a cheater.  I don’t want to be like him.”  She said firmly, finally willing herself away from him.

“This isn’t cheating,” he said before quickly pecking her mouth, which was slightly open so he kissed her teeth.  It was awkward, short, and very unexpected.  She gasped but couldn’t jerk her head away as her head was laying flat on a pillow.

“You did not!” she shot at him.  But now his hands held her in place.  She couldn’t move.  She wasn’t a cheater.  She would not be that girl.

“I did,” and he went in again.  She had wanted to kiss him, but not like this.  She wanted it to be after she broke up with David.  After a preferable rebound too.  She wanted to feel his mouth mold to hers slowly, softly, perhaps even hesitantly.  Not these short abrupt pecks that probably meant nothing.  Remaining still, Rachel did not reciprocate his advances, if that’s what you would call them.  If she didn’t give in, she wasn’t cheating.  When he pulled away, she rolled over, her back to him.  And his hands returned to rubbing her back and neck.

“So what constitutes cheating for you, then? Huh?” she asked after a few moments silence, shifting back to lay on her left side in order to see him.  He hesitated before answering.

“This probably would count as cheating actually.”

“My thoughts exactly,” she said before rolling back over once more.  Her stomach squirmed and she crossed her arms upward in front of her, creating a cage around where her throbbing heart was.  He sighed.

“Man,” he paused, “I’m sorry I made you feel like you were cheating on him. I didn’t mean to. You’re not a cheater at all.  This is all me.  It’s hard to control myself.”

“Try.” The coldness in her tone seemed to freeze the room.

Not even a few minutes later, she was curled up in his arms. Warm, snug, and fast asleep.  This was not cheating.  It was healing a broken heart.

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Great job! I really felt the tension. Your descriptions were great, too. Best work yet!

Comment by unabridgedgirl

Wow thanks so much! I wasn’t expecting the only one written by the seat of my pants to get stamped the “best” so far… haha!

Comment by Mikael

Mmmm. Yummy. I could just feel the tension in the air, that warm fuzzy feeling of romance and something else besides. Beautifully done.

Comment by slightlyignorant

Yummy? Haha love it! I’m glad you think so! Thanks! =)

Comment by Mikael

See, I don’t read romance… but the first three paragraphs REALLY make me think I should start. XD *fans self* Hell. And I agree, best work yet. You have a hell of a talent for sexual tension… and making your reader sweat. I can’t wait until next week. Lol.

Comment by Goggles and Lace

This is only my second time trying something like this so I’m incredibly flattered that it made you want to try out romance! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be working more on this stuff now… =)

Comment by Mikael

I was feeling all the emotion in this piece. Wow, nicely written!!

Comment by Lucy

Thank you very much! I’m so glad I got the emotions through…

Comment by Mikael

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