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I See You – Cover by Me! by Mikael

Here is my epic project 4 months in the making! The theme song from Avatar, I See You, originally performed by Leona Lewis. I absolutely love this song and it was a true challenge to sing. Took me nearly two months just to get my voice up to par, I’m tellin ya! Haha! Well, I really really really hope you enjoy this! I worked so hard on the vocals, you have no idea.

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Oh and please check out KHII who designed the video! It is used with his permission =)

All rights belong to the original creators only. I claim only my voice. This was made for fun and demo purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.


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You have an AMAZING voice. I’m so jealous – seriously, your voice is so beautiful.

Comment by slightlyignorant

Wow….I dont have the words to describe how amazing your voice is. As I sat listening to quite a few of the songs you have done and then listening to this all I can see is better and better. You have SO much going for you it is indescribable. Dont EVER let go of your dreams!

Comment by Jeremy Rolan

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