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Off to Italy! by Mikael
June 1, 2010, 4:40 pm
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By this time tomorrow, I will be well on my way to Italy for 2 whole weeks!  Pretty sure, I can’t wait.  I don’t even want to pack, I just want to GO!  I’d walk the streets all night if I had to if I couldn’t afford a room just to be there.

See full size image

My gal buddy is coming with me.  Let’s hope she can keep up with me!  I’ll walk her legs off just like I did when I was in London last summer.  No joke, my feet and legs would be stiff every morning because of how much I was walking.  I intend on doing the same in Italy so I can see everything I can.  Also it will be counteracting all the pasta, pizza, and gelato I intend on eating.

Here’s a quick overview of where we’ll be going:

  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Verona
  • Tuscany
  • Venice
  • Milan
  • Cinque Terre (staying in Corniglia)

Then back to Rome for our flight home.  This is going to be amazing.  No doubt.  The sights, the people, the history, the language, the food, and gelato… yeah.  Mouth watering heaven.

The laptop is staying home.  Blackberry will be by my side, of course, but without text/calling.  My international plan gives me unlimited data which means internet, messengers, and most apps will be ok.  That way I can tweet the wonderful things I’ll see.

Oh, boy.  Now I need to go pack and print my itineraries. See ya in 2 weeks. 

I’M SO EXCITED!  !   !   !

*crazy freak out*

… …

ok I’m done


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I have the Super Duper Jealousies. Have a blast!!!

Comment by LiLu

I’ve always wanted to do this… what is the final cost of something like this?

Comment by Laura

I barely scraped 3K if that, including my flights… The rates were really good on flights and the Euro to the Dollar was really low (about 1.20 doller to 1 euro).

Comment by Mikael

Aaah I wanna go! Yes you need to tweet and post twitpics of the beauty of Italy!

Comment by Angie

Way jealous, take lots of pictures and have a ton of fun for me ;)

Comment by sheadaisy

HAVE FUN!!! Italy is awesome ^_^.

Comment by slightlyignorant

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