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Italia 1- Colosseo & Trevi by Mikael
June 23, 2010, 11:20 pm
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My good friend and my brother’s ex, who I’ll now affectionately refer to as Twinner because of how alike we are, traveled to Italy for two weeks! I’ll do the main events and best stories in a series in chronological order… Let’s begin!

Upon arriving in Italy, our first excursion was taking a taxi to our hotel.  We sat in the front with the driver and he kept checking us out… um… AWKWARD!  Haha, after checking in our next task involved going to be the Colosseum.  It was within walking distance of our hotel–give or take a dozen minutes.  When we got there, it was hard to not stare at the humongous structure which was part way ruined because of earthquakes in later centuries.  It was quite a sight to behold.  I was disappointed when I heard that there was a small portion that was rebuilt, and saw that there was an elevator built inside (yes, I can appreciate the fact that they want to make it accessible to everyone… but put the elevator outside please! ruins the image, I tell you)

In the past the Colosseum was used as a theater for mock sea battles, animal fights, executions, and other gladiator stuff.  And guess what?  Gladiators are still around to this day!  They aren’t enslaved like they were back then though… Haha, not really but some actors were dressed up like them.  We asked one to get pictures with us: he gutted me with his sword before kissing my cheek to make it up to me.  After getting pictures with him, a woman asked us if we spoke English and if we wanted a tour of the Colosseum–Yes please!

Boy, were we ever pleased that we accepted!  The guide, Roberto, was utterly hilarious!  He seemed to really like me and my friend, and labeled me as the “Virgin”, using me as an example much of the time when referring to the “girls who had the most power”.  It was a very fun tour, informative and highly entertaining with Roberto cracking jokes like no other.  Even when we got pictures with him, he grabbed our hands, put them on his chest and started flexing his pecs which made us burst with laughter in the pictures.  At one point during the tour, after I tried squeezing into the “butt washer” but my hips were too wide, he said, “That’s ok, we love women with bodies like yours.”  SCORE!  Curves win out in the end, you stick-thin bimbos! Real men like curvy women more :P

Moving onward, we got many many pictures of the Colosseum (and the large engraved penis on one of the archway walls… oh the humor of the Europeans) and then proceeded on over to the Palatine and Roman Forum across the way.  Pretty sure it was gorgeous.  And pretty sure a downpour started while we were over there as well!  Not a smart day to wear a t-shirt and jeans only.  We were soaked and freezing while trying to wait for the rain to stop.  Finally, we just decided to bear it and run for the Metro back to our hotel and for jackets before setting out on the town again.

That night, we wanted to see La Fontana di Trevi.  We got sooo lost!  It took us 45 minutes to find the fountain after getting off the closest metro station.  Our jaws dropped… it was stunning!  And gigantic!  I swear, I wasn’t expecting it to be that big.  The lights brightening it up, since it was about 8 o’clock, gave it a really cool golden ambiance that I loved.  I tossed in a euro and made a wish (which I won’t tell you… partially because I can’t remember exactly what I wished for… DOH!).

We finished the night with our first plates of spaghetti and very yummy gelato… a meal and snack commonly redone during our trip.  Oh, I got sooo hooked on the food there.  I wish America’s wasn’t so processed… Italy’s food is hardly processed, largely homemade, and just scrum-diddly-umptuous!  Tasted so much fresher.

Things Learned on Day 1-

  • The roads are very treacherous… there are no distinguishable lanes either drawn on the road or followed by autos which hardly ever stopped.  Scariness indeed.  Our motto throughout Rome was “Are you sure you want to cross?”
  • Italians think dinner is a few hours’ long ordeal and that you want to talk for hours on end after finishing… we’re Americans who like to get in, eat, and get out.  Confused us when we couldn’t figure out why we hardly saw the waitress at dinner and had to hunt her down for the check.
  • A two inch space on the map is easily walkable in under ten minutes.  Awesome.  So not like that in the States.
  • Italian men are excessively forward. More so than I originally thought.

Stay tuned for Italy 2 – Angels & Demons … coming really soon! =)

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Sounds like a very good beginning to the trip! :D

Comment by slightlyignorant

I like how friendly the people sound over there. I think if a guy grabbed your hand and put it on his pectoral muscles here in the US… actually I don’t think that would ever happen. I’m shy so I like it when people are more bold, it brings me out of my shell!

Comment by Angie

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