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Italia 3 Pt 1- Vaticano by Mikael
July 2, 2010, 6:09 pm
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We are now up to our third day in Rome, June 5th–aka: our tour of the Musei Vaticani and time spent in the Vatican day.

Did you know that the Vatican is it’s own country?  They have their own stamp on the euro, their own government and laws (like not being able to talk about “Angels and Demons” at all!) , and all kinds of stuff completely separate and a little altered from those of Italy.  Crazy right? I thought that was pretty fascinating…

Up early, caught the metro over to the Vatican and met up with our group.  Our guide, Mike, was an American who married an Italian and was like a much older version of a very good guy friend of mine that I had dreamed about the night before.  Can’t tell you how badly that creeped me out. Anyhoo!  We got to skip lines and head straight for the good stuff in the Vatican museums.  Massive statues, the big pine-cone in a courtyard, lovely tapestries (even one where Jesus’s eyes follow you… so trippy), and amazing paintings and frescoes.  Even the floor was a piece of art with quite a few places marked off so people couldn’t walk on them.  We even saw Emperor Nero’s bathtub made of supposedly the rarest and most expensive stone in the entire world.  It’s worth about 20,000 euro per square inch! And it’s like 15 feet wide!  That’s a lot of dough…

We also saw the Rafael rooms which were, of course, stunning.  School of Athens and the ceiling piece that I’ll never remember the name of will always be my favorites of his.  And follow the Rafael rooms… the masterpiece of them all.

Michaelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel!  Yet again, the room was much bigger than I anticipated… but twice as stunning.  What killed it for me though was that even though it is explicitly stated that photography is forbidden because of copyright issues–people still were taking them all over the place!  My biggest issue was when people were using flash… which ultimately wears down the integrity of the frescoes.  So messed up.  I’d like to see those around for centuries to come and the flashing won’t help.  Plus, taking your own picture won’t nearly be as good as a professional one (I know they just want your money but I’m sure you could find a decently priced one outside of the Vatican city walls) because most people try to be discreet and take them quick and at weird angles.  Don’t take a picture, invest in one.  It’ll last longer.  And you won’t get sued for getting caught. :P (let it be known now that the David statue is a completely different story…)

Post-Sistine Chapel, the tour with Mike was drawn to a close right in front of St. Peters Basilica, which Twinner and I just had to see the interior of.  Walking in, I immediately got flashbacks to the Angels and Demons movie.  It was so cool to actually be there!  I’m just glad pictures were allowed.  After that, we paid the 8 euro to walk up the dome for the best view in Rome (seeing as it was against the law for a building to be as tall as St. Peters… cool huh?!).  551 steps… eh felt like nothing!  Haha.  It really was a fantastic view though! What I thought was frindiculously awesome was seeing that the Vatican is in the shape of a key-hole!  After trekking down the 551 steps, we decided food needed to be had.  Panini e gelati per nostre!

After that, we just walked and explored more of Rome… Made a stop at the Monumento del Vittorio Emanuele II, a gorgeous white building I guess Romans refer to as the Cake, to decide what to do for the rest of the day… and that stuff is most certainly for another post.

Colosseum pub crawl is next!  Prepare for a wild, wild ride… ;)

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Hey Mikael, Sounds like an awesome trip so far. Can’t wait to hear more of it :D Ally….xox

Comment by Allison

The Vatican is fascinating, I agree. Are you serious about the not talking about the Dan Brown book, though?!

“Michaelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel!” I loved it too – it’s just gorgeous, isn’t it? I know I got a crick in my neck for staring upwards for so long ^_^.

Comment by slightlyignorant

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