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Italia 3 Pt 2- Club Crawl by Mikael
July 6, 2010, 7:43 pm
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Last time I mentioned that our first last night in Rome needed it’s own post.  Reason being?  A lot of craziness went down.

After some discussing with Twinner and my mom via our Blackberry, we discovered a bar crawl that left from the metro station across the street from the Colosseum.  Based on the website advertising for it, the crawl sounded like a blast.  1 hour of open bar then bopping to 2 or 3 clubs over the course of the night while meeting people from all over the world.  Yes please!

We were some of the first people there, and we met a few others who went with us to the first false location (I guess the boss got places mixed up) before walking even farther to another bar.  The bartenders were cool but they worked pretty slow and would only hand out one drink per person at a time.  People were hiding their cups underneath the bar while asking for more.  I wasn’t one of them because I was blonde and cute so they liked me and gave me whatever I wanted when I asked.  It was the guys that had the most trouble–I felt bad. We found a few guys to flirt with, mostly from the US though.  There was even one that I thought Twinner would be cute with (and my prediction was so right)… I wasn’t particularly partial to any of them.

Let’s just say Twinner and I were feeling exceptionally good when we all made our way back to the Colosseum to catch a bus to our first club.  I remember almost everything from that night so I wasn’t too far gone–just feeling really good.  While we were waiting, I noticed one of the moderators was way cute… and I told him so.  Many times.  In fact, I struggled keeping my mouth shut on how good looking he was when in retrospect (and the many pictures we took) he was just a cute Italian, even if a little brooding.  Before I embarassed myself anymore, we all hopped on the bus, I met a cute Asian girl whose name I can’t remember and I feel awful about it, and we arrived at the first club.

Upon walking in, a guard gave me a club mix CD.  No idea why.  Then it was dance time!  Here there was a bit of a stand/stage thing you could stand/dance on.  Problem for me who is 5’9″?  You betcha.  I smashed my head into the curved ceiling/wall about five or six times.  Twinner got a good picture of me sprawled on the floor with my hair all over after a particularly bad smash.  It’s actually a good picture though.  The first club was basically going in and outside with Twinner, some guys we met, and in particular the moderator whose name I thought he said was Diego.  It wasn’t so I felt dumb.  This is the only moment during the course of the night where my memory fails me.  I don’t know if I took him inside with me to dance or if I was dancing and then he just joined me. Either way we were dancing together… and the next second we were kind of making out.

Twinner was having some luck with the guys that night as well (perhaps even more than me!).  But as I keep saying, I got my “hot Italian hook up.”  My objective was to make out with an Italian over the course of my trip and as of my third night in Rome: mission accomplished! ;)

The rest of the night was filled with dancing (Twinner can really shake her ass! I was astounded… I didn’t know she had that in her), many pictures, and more kisses from “Diego”.  At the second club, which was more techno-style, was where it was time to say goodbye.  We picked up our T-shirts and tried to figure out where exactly we were.  “Diego” said he had friend who drove a taxi and offered to take us back to our hotel on the way since the guy Twinner was attached to needed a ride as well.

Not so fast… we stop at our hotel, and I help chip in for the fare.  I’m about to close the door when “Diego” steps out of the car.  At this point, I’m much more sober so I was like, “Um, what are you doing?” And he accused us of leading them on when we NEVER invited them back to our hotel.  We said we didn’t think it was a good idea.  So they invited themselves?  We had a train ride early in the morning.  And we virtually shared a bed.  We shut them down really quickly and hopped into our hotel.  It’s hard not to laugh thinking about it! My bro later called me an ass-hole for doing that, but I don’t really care.  Sure, I’ll make out with guys at a club but I’m not the kind of girl to take them home with me.  Not my style.

Since we were sober when we headed up, we reviewed the pictures… and oh my.  It was a lot crazier than we thought. XD

Other random things that happened throughout the night:

  • One of the guys we met walked in on me in the bathroom because there wasn’t a lock. Luckily, my business was finished.
  • I lost my hair tie. “Diego” tore it out of my hair at the second club and I don’t know where it went.
  • Twinner tried to introduce me to an Australian… the strained look on my face in the pictures because I wasn’t interested are completely priceless.
  • One girl at the open bar let a guy do a body shot off of her noticeably fake boobs.  Twinner tried to get me to do it to give the fake boobs a run for their money, but I wasn’t nearly drunk enough for that.  Even then, I don’t even know if I’d have done it.

On an evening in Roma… yes, lots of crazy shit went down.  But it was a complete blast and I’d do it again!
Next up in the series is our Best of Tuscany Tour!  Coming soon! =)

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Yeah, that definitely does NOT make you an asshole. :) Do you have pictures of the sights?

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