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Italia 6- Veneziamore! by Mikael
July 15, 2010, 6:00 pm
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Ah Venice… Venezia… Mine and Twinner’s favorite city of the lot of them.  It had the chillest atmosphere.  Lovely rivers winding through the island.  Gondolas lining up beside the pavement.  The thousands of pigeons in San Marco Square.  Countless masks and glass jewelry being sold at every corner.  The Vaporettos.  In the Vatican museums, there was a painting of Venice from above and our guide told us to get a picture if we were going there because we would likely get lost… and that was our objective when we arrived!  We achieved that many times too!  I think our final “Lost” count was around 6 in the two days we were there.

Upon arriving by train on June 9, we boarded onto a Vaporetto (a water bus) and rode it to San Marco Square.  We walked under the clock tower, and who should we run into?  A couple of guys from the Colosseo club crawl!  They let us borrow their map so we could somehow locate our hotel.  They also told us that they were in the high-end stores for one sole reason: AC. Haha!  So we found our hotel and settled in our excessively orange room with a single ceiling fan that did absolutely nothing for the heat.  It was like that the whole time we were there so that sucked.

First afternoon, we wandered through the streets and found a recommended pastry/coffee shop, Rosa Salva.  It was there we had our first cappuccino and a pastry on the side! I had a surprisingly wet chocolate pastry that was to die for… neither of us were fans of the coffee though.  Then off to wandering again!  Found a lovely jewelry shop that I bought many a souvenir from.  We took far too many pictures in Venice, I’m telling you.  During our wanderings we found a lovely little park where we ran into our club crawl buddies again.  Twinner also found a small green glass bear on the gravel there.  So cute!

[Added] One of our funniest moments in Venice was when this Italian guy was walking the streets, waving his hands awkwardly.  When he passed us, he pet our shoulders and said, “Ciao kitty kitty.” And continued to say it while he walked away!  We were all like “WTF?”  But then we couldn’t stop laughing about it.

We walked across the Rialto bridge and found a huge street just positively lined with vendors.  One stopped me and asked if I was American and asked what I thought of Obama.  I guess he is a huge fan because of the health insurance changes he’s trying to make.  I learned from him that Italy (and most of Europe actually) had  health insurance for everyone since insurance could be had because everyone wants to help out as part of their civic duty so they have always been willing to put in a few of their tax dollars to help pay for it.  It’s a bigger adjustment for America because we haven’t had it and I don’t think they realize that.  Selfish Americans… :P I can’t wait until it’s fully in effect though!  Anyhoodle, back to Venice… haha.

That night we wanted to try another recommended cafe for dinner. We searched for it for an HOUR and hit about 3 dead ends in the process since the maps there sucked. By the time we found it, we decided we weren’t in the mood for what they served… we wanted spaghetti!  So we explored the area of San Polo to find a restaurant which turned out to be a challenge.  One of the things I found was a bar… a bar that served GUINNESS!  My favorite drink from Ireland which completely sucks in America because it has to be imported so the flavor is horrible in comparison.  I figured it had to be much better in Italy so I made Twinner go with me after we found a little Trattoria to have spaghetti.  And oh, the Guinness… nearly as good as I remembered it being in Ireland.  I was an extremely content girl at that bar.  Twinner tried a Sex on the Beach for the first time which she absolutely loved as I knew she would.

Three guys tried picking up on us while we were there.  They were nice and all, but one was a total creeper and broke personal bubble areas by touching us a lot so we shrugged away from him.  The youngest one was only a couple of years older than me and bought us a round of drinks (another Guinness for me! yay!).  And who should come parading through the bar?  A toga party!  Apparently one of the youth hostels in the area said it’s toga night so everyone grabbed their bed sheets to parade around Venice Julius Caesar-style.  It was a good laugh!

After the bar, we all headed towards an active student area where we met two lovely Italian students.  Because I knew the language, I got a chance to really converse with them in Italian and it was truly amazing!  It was funny when they asked why I was hanging with those guys because they got the gist that they weren’t the “best of the best”.  I asked Lucia if they knew the song “La Bella Lavanderina” because it was a kids song and I did my final Italian presentation on traditional kids games and songs.

Lucia immediately launched into singing the song!! And I joined in!! It was at that moment when, no matter what else happened, my Italian trip was complete.  It is still my favorite moment from my trip in Italy, singing an Italian kids song with an Italian girl.  You could not wipe the smile from my face here on after that moment on that Venetian night.

We soon said good night to them all, after Lucia invited us to a University party the next night.  Rolled into bed very late, but I stayed up to write down my amazing experience with Lucia. =)

On the 10th, we awoke to head over to the Accademia gallery over in the Dorsoduro district.  Twinner was really chill with just doing whatever so she let me check out the art gallery.  I got really lucky in finding a person who let me drive the traveling car with her.  She was just happy to be there!  The gallery was lovely!  Not as impressive as others we’d seen, but still fun to see.  After that we explored Dorsoduro a bit more… it was a more residential area than San Marco–much more quiet and a lot less commercial. It was nice!  I’d heard about the best gelato in the region and dragged Twinner to go have some.

You know how San Gimignano was supposed to have the best gelato being the World Champ?  Gelati Nico was three times as good! At least! Oh goodness!  I had a cookies in cream one that was to die for and Twinner had raspberry that turned her tongue purple.  What was interesting was that it was the most cost-friendly gelato that we bought in Italy and it happened to be the best too… It was amazing!  While lounging eating our gelato, I was browsing through our Rick Steve’s Venice book to see if there was anything particularly worth seeing.  And what should I find?

A beach!! On Lido!! Only a 20 minute Vaporetto ride away!! We bolted over so fast it was like we were on the movie Speed.  There was a lovely sandy beach on the east side of Lido where we walked along the shore, picked up some sea shells, and then laid out in the sunshine for like an hour before heading back to San Marco.  I can officially say my feet have been in the Adriatic sea now. =)

We were feeling pizza that night so we hit a restaurant by our hotel with decent prices.  The waiters were all hitting on us, yet again.  The cooks were even peeking out of the kitchen to look at us.  It was a little awkward but entertaining.  Somewhere in between that, and discussing how sun burnt we had gotten that afternoon on Lido, I felt something drop on my head.  I looked up to see a bird flying away.

OH SHIT!  That is, bird poop was IN MY HAIR!  Twinner was a real trooper and helped me clean it out.  I was so glad we didn’t have our food yet or else I wouldn’t have been able to eat it.

(Reminds me of my mom’s favorite joke: “This tastes like bird shit!” “It is… wanna buy a tooth brush?”)

A really cute waiter laughed at us as we tried to clean it out while guffawing stupidly ourselves.  That waiter that night had a really thick Italian accent so I just asked him to speak in Italian.  He told me that he got off work at 11 and that he wanted to know if we would join him.  Unfortunately, we told him that we had an early morning train ride.  He looked so bummed, I felt bad!

When we went over to the university building Lucia had told us to go to, it turned out that a classmate of theirs had passed away that day so the party was canceled and the students were in mourning. It was very sad indeed.  But the other girl we met the night before gave us a little tour of their University building.  There were fireplaces and lovely tapestries in the classrooms!  I’m jealous… except if my classrooms were like that I’d probably pay more attention to the decor than the actual class.  Haha!

So we had an early night since we had a long day ahead of us the next day.  And the next morning, we hauled our luggage to the Vaporetto station only to discover that there was a Vaporetto strike going on so we had to find an alternative way to get to the train station.  Lovely right?  The boarders never seemed to happy when we saw them… their surly demeanor definitely made us think they were less cute even though almost each one of them we saw was really good looking.  We were exceptionally lucky that two other girls were trying to get to the train station too, so we all split a water taxi.

Next up, is our few hours spent in Verona!  It will be a short one just so you can recover from this monster of a story in Venice!  We just loved Venice so much it deserved every minutia I could recall. ;)

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Wow, it seems like you had a much better time in Venice than we did! It’s always nice to run into people you met on the trip though, that happened to us quite a few times throughout southern France and Italy too.
And sounds like you had a crazy good time on the pub crawl in Rome. I didn’t go out as much when we were in Italy because I found Italian guys to be creepy, lol. But since you speak Italian, maybe you can communicate with them better. It’s hilarious that you got to sing a children’s song with an Italian girl though!

Comment by SassyGirl

Yay Venice! It is my favorite place in Italy as well, and it sounds like you had quite the time. That’s insane about the strike, though! Ick!

Comment by unabridgedgirl

Well, bird shit might not be so bad. Most Europeans believe a bird pooping on your head means good luck!

Comment by jana

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