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Italia 7 – Verona by Mikael
July 20, 2010, 7:43 pm
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We are now up to June 11th of our Italian Trip!  Only 6 days left… Remember most of the pictures from our trip are now online!

After catching a train in Venice to Verona, we stored our luggage in the station before setting out into the city.  First thing we noticed– the sweltering heat.  It was close to unbearable and walking around in it wasn’t much help.  I didn’t let it show but I know both me and Twinner were feeling it.  It took us about fifteen minutes to walk to the town center.  We saw a park in the main square, the Arena, and the street we wanted to take to our destination was lined with colorful shops that we visited (including a Disney one where I was lured in just to buy the Donald Duck shirt). The destination?

Casa di Giulietta!  The underpass leading to the house was absolutely littered with notes.  It almost looked trashy.  There was one note that tickled my funny bone though, saying:  “I’m Giulietta and HATE Romeo.”  In the courtyard, was a statue of Giuletta and of course, her balcony.  This place was basically a tourist trap.  The prices to enter the museum were truly outrageous, over 10 euros.  So we just took a few pictures and went on our merry way.

Oh, and by the way?  I saw Letters to Juliet before I left and it is actually illegal to post letters on the actual wall of the house as the movie depicts. If you want to write to Juliet (no say whether you really get a response though), there are special red mailboxes in random places throughout the city.  I saw one in the Tomb of Giulietta (which is also a tourist trap).

According to our map, Romeo’s house was close by too.  But according to the city map, it didn’t exist.  We walked around and couldn’t find it.  Yep, doesn’t exist.  In all honesty though, we had no idea of what else to see so we kept a low profile pretty much just seeing things as we went.  We had seen enough churches by that point so we didn’t see the ones in Verona, unfortunately for those who were curious about those.

The rest of our time in Verona was spent chilling at the park in the square, checking out the shops, laughing at the people pretending to hold still for a pretty penny, and looking at Lambert tower which was my favorite part of the city.  The buildings there were quite cute right off the main square.  We were positively exhausted because of the heat, and Twinner was coming down with a bad headache so we grabbed some pizza (which was very good that day) and started making our way back to the train station.

On our way back, I’m pretty sure I saw the gas station that was used in the beginning of Leo DiCaprio’s version of Romeo and Juliet so I thought that was cool.

All in all, Verona was a cute town but it was horribly touristy and not particularly worth the hype.  I’ll be honest.  The best part of Verona for me was a few of the artistic shots I got… seriously.  I know we missed a couple things, like churches and an arch farther north, so I’m a particular judge.  We caught an earlier train out than we expected to en route to our next location.

The next installment will be Milan — lots of craziness, boys, drama, and an unexpected amount of fun was to be had!  Will be up soon!

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I’m currently flipping through the photos, you guys took some great pictures. Hopefully some day I can see these things in person.

Comment by Angie

Totally jealous of you and Italy! I’d really like to visit there. Interesting tidbit about the letters to Juliet. Next stop…your pictures!

Comment by thoughtsappear

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