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Italia 10- Ciao Roma! by Mikael
August 5, 2010, 9:46 pm
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Our last day in Italy!  Those two weeks really flew by… Twinner was ready to go home but I certainly wasn’t.  I wanted to see more. Well, now I have more reason to go back what with meeting fabulous Italian people and swapping Facebooks and such.

In the last Italia post, we left off from our 4 and a half hour train ride back to Rome.  I slept on it pretty much.  It was crazy to be back in Rome as we walked to our last hotel, which was like the hotel in Milan and had to have the key inserted into a slot in order for the lights to work.

It was time for us to wrap up our souvenir shopping with chocolate.  Luckily, there was a chocolate shop right down the street from our hotel. I swear we spent 45 minutes in there picking chocolate to take home for loved ones.  I ended up spending about 32 euro on chocolate alone.  That’s sad.  But it’s so yummy so it’s OK!  We dropped those off at the hotel before beginning our walk back to the Trevi Fountain one last time.

Walking along, we saw some kind of army salute going on at Piazza del Quirinale that was pretty cool, I guess.  It was a huge square.  Soon after, we found a small side street with a restaurant with reasonably priced food and stopped to have our last meal in Italy.  Twinner and I both decided to try something new.  I got gnocchi and she got Genovan pesto pasta.  Let’s just say we weren’t very impressed.  Pretty sure that was the only meal on our trip that neither of us liked.  It wasn’t horrible just definitely not to our liking.  Gelato was much needed to wash that gunk down.

The Trevi Fountain was nearby thus the first gelato shop we went to, so I thought it would be a cool way to end the trip–like we started.  While enjoying our last gelato (mine was a biscotti one… soooo good!) at the fountain, Twinner and I took pictures and I even filmed her for a little bit, poking her in the eye with the camera accidentally.  And that’s when they laughed.

And by they, I mean the Turkish guys standing nearby.  We had been commenting that they had been looking over at us with each other, and soon we were taking pictures with them.  Swapped Facebooks with a couple of them.  But there was one that was particularly cute.  He turned out to be one of the older ones in the group but not too much older than us.  I wasn’t “officially” introduced to him until a bit later when they invited us out to a cafe.  We declined because it was already getting late and we needed to walk back to our hotel so we could get up early in the morning for our flight outta there.  It was also hard to understand them more than half the time… But the best part?  As we walked away from the group, the really cute one and I caught eyes with each other.  And when I turned back again, we caught eyes again and I got butterflies.  Total darn, right?!

To close out our trip, I decided I wanted a legit pint of Guinness again.  A couple of bars near our hotel served it, so we popped into one and ordered drinks.  Twinner got a Blue Hawaiian or something like that which was totally tart but tasty.  The bartenders loved us and even gave us the extra strawberry daiquiri that he had left over from another order for free.  I left a good tip for them…

Early night, early to rise, have breakfast with red orange juice again (no nutella though…), and finish our packing to ride the train to the airport.  We missed the first shuttle so we had to wait around for the next one.  We were lucky we left as early as we did.  Soon, we were on the first of two flights back to SLC.  I stayed awake throughout the whole 14 hour adventure… much exhaustion later.   Perfect for skipping out on jet lag. ;)

So there’s our trip to Italy!  Nearly took me a month to write the whole thing… craziness.  Here are a couple other little things I learned/liked while in Italy that I haven’t already mentioned (I think):

  • In English, merda is shit.
  • A copera/cover charge is nearly at every food serving location… they are hidden so if you go, be warned.  Usually it’s per person. Eesh.
  • No building in Italy is allowed to be taller than St. Peters Basilica.
  • Italian chocolate is made of more natural components than American chocolate… it’s much fresher and free of harmful preservatives. My dad said it was less “waxy” than American chocolate.
  • Food in general is much more fresh…
  • Italian men are more forward than I initially thought.
  • Green Day, the band, is very popular over there (per the Italy MTV that we watched in our Milan hotel)
  • There is a section of Milan where you would be shunned if you weren’t wearing fashionably acceptable clothing.  Crazy huh?
  • The cars and vehicles are all smaller than life in a stark contrast to the gargantuan buildings.  I loved them!  I wondered how people could fit in them.
  • Beware of pigeons.  One pooped on my map in San Gimignano.
  • There are several different levels of authority (like police), as Lucia told me.  She said the Carabinieri, who we saw the most of, were near the bottom and were often made the butt-end of jokes.  They are like the blonde jokes in America.
  • After meals, Italians just sit… and sit… and sit… for hours! Talking and stuff.  They don’t get the American grab-eat-go concept.
  • Getting lost in a city is the best way to get acquainted with it.

I hope everyone at some point can get a chance to visit Italy!  It is truly so wonderful!  Hope you enjoyed my Italia series… they are now finito!  Remember, if you still want to see pictures from the trip, check out my photo album.

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I can’t wait for my cruise! You make Italia sound so amazing. Seriously hung on every word!

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