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Saying Saturday IX by Mikael
August 7, 2010, 11:13 am
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If you want, you can see previous Saying Saturdays.  If you’ve missed out on others, a lot of silly, weird, or even enlightening things are said around my family and friends.  It’s rather fun documenting my favorite moments this way =)

*   *   *

Yes it has been a while… In my defense, I was in Italy for two weeks.  And my phone had to be replaced so half of my quotations were sadly forgotten since I remember them by punching them into my Memopad on my CrackBerry.  So off we go onto what I can remember!

On the shuttle to the Fiumicino airport when it slows in a field…

Me- These are corn stalks… This is NOT the airport!


After watching New Moon in preparation for Eclipse.

Bro- Screw Team Edward and Team Jacob.  It’s all about Team Alice!

While reviewing Italy pictures with our family… The statue of David is on the screen.

Mom– His penis is no bigger than this part of his thumb!
Twin- Do you want me to show you? *with enthusiasm* I can zoom!

To the melody of “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story…

LV Chica– I feel giggly, oh so giggly!  I feel giggly and wiggly and fat! And I pity any man who has to look at that. See that cellulite in the mirror there?  Who could that disgusting ass be? Such a wiggly ass, such giggly thighs, such a giggly me!

On buying swimsuits from Victoria Secret

LV Chica- I swear their sizes are too small!  If I wanted to look like I had a slingshot around my tits, I’d go to Walmart.

Discussing what is sexy with my BFF’s mother and bridesmaids…

Me- Sexy isn’t what your body looks like or what you wear. It’s an attitude. It’s how you carry yourself.  You’ve got to own your own sex appeal. Confidence is what makes you sexy, not what’s only skin deep.

I have a new gay buddy who is the epitome of fabulous. He says some of the most outrageous and funny things ever… Let’s call him Glam.

Glam– It looks like you’ve lined your lips with a hershey bar! (to me)

While driving home him to our house to play…

Me– Those long boarders are freaking me out because I’m just like “move!”
Glam– That’s when you utilize the point system and decide how much they are worth if you hit them.

Koolaid invited me to hang out with her and her ex last weekend…

K’s Ex– God wants me to die but doesn’t want me in Heaven, but the devil is afraid I’ll take over… So I’ll never die.

At dinner the other day with my Mom and StepDad…

Mom- So how big is a Pikachu?
Me- *snort* The pokemon?
Mom- No, that dog that they’re mixing with Shih-Tzu’s now?
StepDad- Oh, the Pekanese? They’re calling that a Peka-Shit!
Mom– Pikachu… Peka-Shit… Same thing!

And that’s it for now!  I need some help… keep doing Saying Saturdays or no?

Have a good weekend!


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Yes! Keep doing them, this is hilarious.

“Glam- That’s when you utilize the point system and decide how much they are worth if you hit them.” – Okay, tell your glamorous friend that I SO do this already… Think about how many points I’d get if I hit the a-holes driving like maniacs :P.

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