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Talk about creepy dreams… by Mikael
August 11, 2010, 12:28 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Disturbing!, Dreams, Family, Kurious, RaNdOm

Last night, I had a dream.  It was hot.  My canteen had sprung a leak and I was thirsty.  Out of the abyss, walked a cow…

No, not really.  But if you recognize that from RENT, you get brownie points.

Last night, I had a dream that was something of a continuation of another one I had a couple weeks ago.

People say that dreams can help you see insight into your life or something like that.  Like there is symbolism hidden behind it.  If that is the case, then what the hell are my dreams telling me now?!

In the past month, I’ve had two dreams where I am engaged to my step-brother! Well one of my four stepbrothers anyway… why it’s the same one in both dreams, I have no clue.  And my dream-self senses that something is morally wrong with it, knows it’s a dream and I can’t wake myself from it. Luckily, only hand holding and cuddling have happened in the dream… no kisses, which I’ll be forever grateful for.  If a kiss were to occur in my dream with my stepbrother, I might awake screaming and scarred for life.  With the vividness I experience with my dreams on a regular basis, I have been thoroughly irked by these dreams.

Um… dream book, analyst, whatever… What kind of symbolism does this kind of dream indicate?  Because, quite frankly… I’m disturbed beyond all reason.

What’s the strangest dream you’ve had lately?


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I just posted a blog post about a dream I had recently involving the characters in my current w.i.p. It wasn’t anything all that special. We were just sitting around a table, eating dinner while they talked about their lives. But, the image is still with me like I was supposed to really pay attention.

I also had a dream where I was standing outside my house with my family and a huge plane crashed into a nearby field. I was trying to dial 911 when several crash victims came up to me asking to use the phone. Talk about creepy…

Comment by Melissa

That’s cool that you have dreams with your WIP characters! I haven’t had that since high school. That plane one sounds scary though…

Comment by Mikael

I dreamed I was going out with my BFF’s little brother! As in 4 years younger!! [Admittedly he is VERY cute, but my BFF????]

Comment by Marliz3e

Now that’s disturbing! Eesh. Good thing it was a dream ;)

Comment by Mikael

I love RENT. Can I get something besides brownie points? I don’t like brownies.

I usually don’t remember my dreams, so it’s cool that you did, even if it is a weird one.

Comment by thoughtsappear

Haha, you can have whatever-treat-you-like points ;) Sometimes not remembering dreams can be a blessing. Nightmares are no fun and they tend to be harder to forget.

Comment by Mikael

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