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69 Shooting Stars by Mikael
August 13, 2010, 12:29 pm
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Happy Friday the 13th!  I love Friday the 13th’s… they rock my socks.  I like to tell strangers that I was born on a Friday even though I was really born on a Thursday (2 months to my birthday today. Don’t remind me).  Let me just say that this Friday the 13th started quite amazingly.  I stayed up uber late with the help of Zoo Tycoon since I was so bugger tired (I’m feeling a bit British today, so pardon me).  Why did I say up so late?

Did you know there was a meteor shower last night?  Well, last night was the supposed peak night of the most watched annual meteor shower: Perseid.  This was something I was looking forward to all week!  From midnight to 5 AM was supposed to be the peak time, but with my work schedule I knew I couldn’t stay that whole time because my sleep is highly valued and keeps me not grumpy.  So at 11:30, I drove up the canyon right behind my house until my empty gas tank light turned on, pulled to the side of a ski resort, bundled up in a blanket, plugged in my soothing piano playlist, and snuggled up with my pillow on the trunk of my car to watch what was sure to be something pretty darn spectacular.

And it was!!  I was counting shooting stars within two minutes!  Fine, meteors… but to me, they look like shooting stars, so we’re going to go with that.  Mmmmk?  I numbered each and every star that grabbed my attention as it shot across the sky.  There may have been more because there were several that were fleeting and not as long as some others and it was hard to tell if they really happened or if my eyes were playing tricks on me.  Ebbs and flows happened too… sometimes it would take 2 or 3 minutes for a legitimate shooting star to fly past.

The best ones?

Numbers 22, 28, 32, 34-35, 43, 49, 55, 63, and 67.  The brightest ones that covered the most sky were numbers 55 and 63… They were about in the same spot strangely enough.

The coolest sightings?  Double whammies!

Numbers 34-35 and 46-47 came at the exact same time.  The most spectacular was numbers 34-35.  They were both like silver bullets racing across the half of the sky.  Both bright and with comparable tails.  It was pretty much amazing!  That viewing made me gasp nearly as much as 55 and 63, whose brightness and length of travel bypassed all the others.

In the 40’s, my toes were starting to go numb and so I was about to call it quits.  But then 43 and 49 happened.  And I remembered I had extra insulation in my trunk!  Grabbing another coat and the unexpected snow boots stowed in there from last winter, I bundled up good and much warmer than before.  I kept telling myself, “After this song” or “After the next good star”.  Yeah… I just couldn’t pry myself away.  In the words of Hagrid, I’m a “ruddy stargazer” like the centaurs, gasping and giggling at each star that zoomed past.  I was like a little girl stepping foot into a Disney Princess castle for the first time.

Final for-sure shooting star count: 69.  In 90 minutes.  Many were a spectacle, indeed.  If I didn’t have to work today, I would have been out all night despite the chilling cold that threatened to take my toes (I don’t really need them!).

Driving back home was an adventure… I opened up my sun-roof and had to stop like every 2 minutes to look up at the wonderful stars.  There were just so many!  A night sky is like a work of art, seriously. Then I realized I needed to pay attention to the road since I was in a very curvy canyon, so I closed the sun-roof… and proceeded to look out my window at the stars.  I know… I’m such a smart driver.   Pulling into my house which has a far lesser view of stars at 1:45 AM was heartbreaking.

Did anyone else watch the Perseid meteor shower? I heard you may be able to still see it for a couple more nights, so if you didn’t I recommend you get out there this weekend and watch it! =)

Pictures from bbc.co.uk & digg.com


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AAAAH I’m so jealous!!! I didn’t get up to watch (it was between 3-5AM here) but anyway there’s nowhere near me without light pollution! And a friend of mine was in a field all night watching and she saw TWO, only TWO! Can you believe that? I’m so jealous – your sightings sound wonderful!

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