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The God Gene Skipped Me by Mikael
August 15, 2010, 5:26 pm
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When thinking about writing things for my blog, religion doesn’t typically cross my mind because it has a tendency to be controversial… but this article I found on Women’s Health really piqued my interest.  It’s fairly scientific and that may be why.  And now I’m thinking of Angels and Demons and how there is a battle between religion and science that has been around for centuries…

But I digress. (Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to use that word legitimately on this blog?!)

Apparently there is a gene that about half of the human race is born with that “makes people more likely to seek out transcendental experiences.”  In the article they call it the “God gene”.

Scientists say that some people may have a gene that makes them more spiritual, and they are discovering that religious feelings may come from specific areas of the brain.

Fascinating right?

After reading this, the only thing I could think was: “I think the God gene skipped me.”  Never in my life have I longed to have a transcendent experience or felt a longing to believe in some higher being.  It’s no one’s fault and I’m not complaining (though my grandmother might).  I’ve loved my life as is.

Bear with me here and if you wouldn’t mind, please don’t try to convert me to anything in my comments.  Bashing is welcome as long as it’s done with good reason.  Understanding is most welcome though. ;)

Ever since I was little, I never understood why people looked up to something that apparently wasn’t there.  When I was young, what you saw is what you got.  Like how if I shoved everything into my closet in an effort to clean my room, I couldn’t understand why my Dad got so mad when he saw it because my room was clean.  This was kind of similar.  Jesus existed to me because he had pictures littering the churches that I did step foot into.  But God didn’t.  I specifically remember asking people, “If Jesus gets a picture, why doesn’t God if he’s more important?”  People would just tell me that they knew he’s there and to stop being so darn difficult.  So in my young naive mind, God was just a figment of someone’s imagination. Just like my imaginary friends that came out of the television and became my children (Dumbo and Cleo from Pinocchio were my favorite).

So when I vowed never to go back to church at the tender age of 4 because of an unfortunate encounter with my primary teacher, little did I know how much I’d be grateful for that.  Not being tied to one religion has opened my eyes to so many more religions to learn about.  That way I can make an educated decision if I ever do decide to join a religion.

Now that I’m older and much wiser and more worldly, I understand that many people believe in God or some other higher being.  There are also those who don’t believe that there is no such thing.  I accept these differences among people.  It’s what they believe; it’s what they feel. More than likely, it’s what they have known their whole lives (or realized later in life in some cases).  Yet perhaps most important of all… it’s what they have Faith in.  I love that people come from different religions!  It really is fascinating to me to understand the people and why they believe what they believe.  As far as I can tell, I have no qualms with any religion.   Sure, I may not agree with some but I still love learning about them.  Mostly it’s the just rules, quid-pro-quos, etc., that religions impose on their followers that bother me.  Recommendations on how to live life are better. ;)  But whether we like it or not, Faith is a huge deal!  Religion plays a big part in this world and in a majority of people’s lives.

Just not in mine.  I don’t need a religion to be happy and to be a good person.  Besides, no particular religion has “called” to me.  If one ever does strike a chord in my heart, then I may join the line of those who follow it.  And I’m sure if my mother’s family were to read this, they’d probably gasp in horror and try to convert me ASAP.  Except they have already been trying for years.  Sigh.  I’m pretty sure a majority of my mom’s family has the God Gene.  Like I said before, I’m positive it skipped me!

I’m very lucky my mom supports whatever decision I make when it comes to my happiness.  If I wanted to become a Buddhist or a Pagan, she’d be behind me one-hundred percent.  I love her for that.  She’s amazing and she’s raised me well, religion or no.  I intend on doing the same for my children.

So here’s what I believe…

I have Faith in the good of mankind. I believe in the will of the Universe and the will of my heart. And that’s good enough for me.  For now anyways.  Hey, I’m still young!  =)


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I read that article, too. when scientists study the evolution of man, they figure we weren’t spiritual until modern man (circa 80k years ago). But our genes haven’t changed in that time, so what the heck does ‘spiritual gene’ mean?

What I’m saying is, I’m with out. I don’t have one either. Not to say I’m not spiritual, but that’s a whole different topic.

Comment by worddreams

I don’t think the gene’s have changed but they are just now realizing that there is a connection between brain activity, genetics, and spirituality (or whatever). It’s totally possible to be spiritual and not religious. Glad to know I’m not alone here though =)

Comment by Mikael

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