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First Date Jitters by Mikael
August 16, 2010, 11:56 am
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I’m breaking the three month zipper today.  It’s too much work to not talk about stuff like this… Except I just realized there is one guy that I have yet to mention here and it has been more than 3 months (you won’t get anything out of me! :P).  Moving on!

My senior year of high school, I was voted Best Actress in our class.  The guy that was voted Best Actor asked me on a date last night.

I haven’t seen or heard from this guy in nearly 3 years.  He served a mission for his church for two years and got home about a month ago.  Boy, was I surprised when he asked for my cell phone number on Facebook!  He didn’t beat around the bush and immediately propositioned me for a date.  Let it be said: it is rare that a guy will actually use the word ‘date’ with me.  They usually say, “let’s hang out.”  So this was really refreshing!

Hey!  Why not?  He’s cute.  Tall  (major plus!).  Nice.  Funny.  Pretty talented.  Well, I know he was.  So wait a minute… now I have questions swirling in my mind about this whole thing.  Let’s begin shall we?

What have these last three years done to this guy?  It’s hard to know what to expect.  Most guys go on their missions around here and come back completely weird, talking only of the “gospel”, etc.  There is only one case where I found that a guy left being a tight-wad and came back to be one of the coolest guys ever.  So I’m curious to see how this guy has changed, if he has at all.

Next thought…  What is it that he is looking for?  A girlfriend?  A wife (as a lot of missionaries do when they get home)?  Playing the field to see what he likes?  Motivations for going on dates are different for everyone, but it’s hard to tell what this guy is going for.

Then I think… Why me?  We were in choir and the plays together in high school but other than that, and he never expressed interest then.  He’s always been a really nice guy though.  We seemed to get along pretty well.  I may have had a crush on him at some point, I think…

I guess I’ll just have to see how our date goes tonight!  I’m excited!


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Have fun! I recently got involved with someone from high school, and it’s interesting to catch up. :)

Comment by signorinabea

I hope you have a nice time!!! Enjoy yourself!

Comment by Lucy

I hope you have an amazing time. :) I must agree that a guy being tall is a major bonus…lol

Comment by Melissa

Good luck!!
And I’d say just enjoy it, for whatever reason it may be!

Comment by Marliz3e

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