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Walk It Out by Mikael
August 23, 2010, 7:03 pm
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What I missed most about college this summer?  Walking around campus…

FOR 100 FRICKIN MINUTES ALONE!  Just today!  I’ve never walked around campus this much in one day.  It was like being back in Italy because I was simply walking that much.  Let me break this down:

30 minutes trying to find my first class (15 of it trekking uphill)
5 minutes to my academic advisor meeting
10 minutes down to meet friends for lunch
5 minutes from the bus stop to the basketball arena because I got off one stop too soon
10 minutes walking around our basketball arena trying to find people
10 minutes over to the football practice field
30 minutes back to my car

Can I just say how pleased I am to be home and lying down, blogging, and relaxing?  Extremely pleased.  But now I’m starving too because I’m waiting for dinner.  Lots of walking around in 80 degree weather will take it out on you! And your stomach.  A good meal is much needed.

My first day of class was a success, I guess too.  My poetics class seems fun; the professor is quite chipper and enthusiastic, which always goes a long way.  And woman’s chorus has a good group of girls and I got a chance to meet a few.  The internship after wasn’t bad–the time flew by. I was just trying to get acquainted with what I’m supposed to do.  They leave you alone to do your work but the problem at this point? What the heck am I supposed to do?  Update player bios?  Ok, but with what information and where is it located?  I have a couple sources in mind to look into tomorrow so that will be ok…. I think.

Oh, and here’s a picture of my new ‘do that I mentioned I’d get.  I needed a fun change for my senior year.

I’m in love with the brown so I don’t care what anyone says… Heehee!

Happy Mondays are the best! =)


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Oh wow. You look great.

I have to walk that distance in 134 degrees. So I’d do anything to trade places, just to get away from the heat.

Comment by Maimoona Rahman

How can you it in that heat? That’s crazy! Do you guys walk around naked? Seriously? 134 is too much…

Comment by Mikael

mikael. you are just so freaking gorgeous. i am jealous. but NOT of the 100 minutes of walking. i would not enjoy that. yay for small campuses!

Comment by kelly

Haha, I like my big campus. Walking is good for me. Well, I’m trying to convince myself it is especially with the intensity that the U campus imposes on students’ legs. And thanks love!

Comment by Mikael

You look amazing!! =]

Comment by Marliz3e

Thank you so much! =)

Comment by Mikael

There’s nothing that a 45yr old guy can post on here that does not come off without sounding like a twisted sick old perv….so I’ll just say


and will leave it at that…… :)

Comment by redriverpak

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