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I’m blogging even though today is busy enough… by Mikael
August 27, 2010, 5:04 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, College, Family, Unhappy, Updates, Venting

Or alternately called “This is called when office hours officially end and a vent is much needed”…

First week of senior year: CRAZY! Classes are going to be really enjoyable.  Homework seems to be minimal so far, except I have to finish reading a play tonight (well, that’s my goal) so I can pass it onto the next person ASAP.

I’m having a blast with my internship even though some others may find what I’m doing totally tedious.  It’s something new and new things are always come with a dose of fun as you experiment with what works! I got to meet the swimming coaches on Wednesday (I’m the intern over swimming and diving events) and they seem really cool.

Onto my much needed vents:

Vent #1– I got the edited version of my first article back yesterday… and it wasn’t what I expected.  The big man of editing said that it was very good for it being my first article for them and that he only had to change a couple of things (Oh, believe me, I was cheering and dancing all over the place when he told me that).  As I read the article, it didn’t even feel like my own anymore.  There were only a few portions that still had my “flavor” in it.  Just a few!  And that extremely bothers me!  He changed more than he let on.  It felt like a lie to me.  I don’t want to rock the boat and freak out that the article isn’t “mine” anymore, but I see something seriously wrong with this!  Is that so wrong or am I completely overreacting?  Maybe when I meet with him next week to discuss the changes everything will smooth over…

Vent #2– I want out of my house… like now.  Anyone in the Salt Lake area want to put me up?  I can’t pay for rent because my internship pays in a different way (ie: books, tuition, etc).  I’ll clean the place on weekends…  Ok, I’m being a little melodramatic.  But it’s warranted, I promise.  I’m craving to be on my own so badly that it takes all my self control to stay away from Craigslist and other websites that advertise wanted roomies or spare rooms.  I love my mom and she’s fun to be with.  My brother is obnoxious but it’s nice having him around.  But I’m so done with everything else that is going on around that house.  Just going there gives me stress unless I’m in the basement on the elliptical, pounding away on the piano, or singing in my room.  My room is my safe haven.  Being beckoned from my room is on the verge of being physically painful.  Even for dinner.  And that’s sad.  I just realized I never once called it home in that whole paragraph.  Even sadder.

This weekend will be nice though… I’ll have the house to myself (which is always nice) and a break from everything.  Maybe I’ll get a fun night and hit the clubs on Saturday night or something.

Thanks for bearing with my vent.  Sometimes frustrations need to be let out.  Now back to reading “Herbal Bed” for my play-writing class before heading off to help at the Ute volleyball game.  And I’ll be back to more optimistic me once I get some sleep.

Have a nice weekend everyone!  Saying Saturday will have to wait until next weekend unfortunately… Ta-ta!


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Best of luck! I feel the same way about home!!! Hope you get someone to put you up =]

Comment by Marliz3e

Vent as much as you like, darling! Remember, it’s your blog, and you get to do whatever you want in it.

I’m glad you’re enjoying school and your internship so far!

In terms of the article… Well, you’re not overreacting, in my opinion. It’s completely normal and expected for you to feel the way you do. But the thing is – that’s how it is in journalism, and indeed, in any writing. You’re going to get lots of editing and you either have to say no to this one opportunity and find someone who’s willing to edit things in a way that’s explained properly to you, or you need to look at it as constructive criticism and try to get as much information out of this guy as possible so that you understand why he changed what he changed.

I can sympathize about the house… I know for sure that my room is my haven. Are there dorms at your school that you could live in maybe?

Comment by slightlyignorant

That’s right! It is my blog! What was I thinking in apologizing? Haha, thanks. And thanks for telling me about how it works in journalism. I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to.
I can’t afford to live in the dorms unfortunately. I basically can’t afford to live anywhere except at home… it sucks.

Comment by Mikael

I wish I could see your original article and the one that got butchered edited. I’m going to guess that your original had much more personality in it. Sorry if I missed something, but where is your article going to be published?

As for moving out, the advice I usually give is to stay at mom’s as long as possible. :) I wanted out of my parents’ house and when things get tough I wish I could go back. I guess it depends on how well you get paid, though. Roommates can be annoying too but at least yours are family!

About the guest post, I’m working on one! You’re welcome to do one for my blog too if you want. :D

Comment by Angie

I’m working for the University of Utah Sports Information department so my articles will be in sport programs and I believe it will be on our online website as well.
Haha, I have to stay home anyway throughout the school year. I literally cannot even afford the lifestyle I lived last year because I worked a part-time job that actually paid me money. It’s hard to adjust.
And thanks for your post! I’m so glad I got to get it up today! When I get a little bit more of a down moment, I’ll work on one too =)

Comment by Mikael

Your first vent is totally justified, albeit totally normal. I worked for a Chicagoland newspaper in high school, and a lot of phrases that put my “flavor” on it were edited out. Journalists like clear, concise articles with no personality, unless it’s human interest or opinion. Also, sometimes it’s just because of space. They have to cut something out somewhere to make it fit, so the more flowery stuff gets cut over the meaty facts and things crucial to the story. Don’t fret. As you go along, you’ll get the editor’s style and start writing more to his/her needs. Keep your chin up!

Comment by lilwanderer

Here is the thing! They added a lot more flowers than I put in because they said to stay concise so it’s like… um… what? I’m meeting with him tomorrow and he’ll help me produce what he wants a little better. Thanks!

Comment by Mikael

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