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Guest Post from Angie: A Letter to My Past Self by Mikael
August 30, 2010, 11:00 am
Filed under: Good Things, Guest Blogs, Open, Remembering

I’m incredibly pleased and honored to have the lovely Angie from Angie Go Boom guest blog here today!  Here’s a little intro to Angie:

Hailing from Ohio, Angie is a twenty-something, wife and mother to an adorable boy.  Plus she is quite the wordsmith… she has a way with words that I love.  Her blog is often filled with creative juices galore and they can be a little… well, random or out there.  I never know what to expect from her and that’s fun!  Sometimes her poetry will leak into her posts and that’s always a treat.  More often than not, I find myself smiling if not giggling at her posts (like at the picture and message in her love anniversary post).  She is adorably quirky in the best way!  And her more insightful posts are wonderfully worded, thought-invoking, and often inspiring as well. Now onto her quest post!  Be sure to stop by her blog to see her wonderfulness!

*     *     *

Dear me,

There are limitless possibilities for you right now, and you can’t
even see them. You’re 19, single, you have a job that you don’t hate,
and you live at home with your parents. I’d like to shake you so you
can see how free you really are right now. You could go to college for
whatever you want, except you have no idea what you want to do yet.
I’ll give you a hint: Go to school for journalism and publishing
instead of administrative assisting! You’ll thank me later.

You also haven’t dug yourself into a hole called “debt” yet. Do not
spend more on your credit card than you can make, it doesn’t come from
an endless well of magical money. Your bank account doesn’t work like
that either, unfortunately. Save your money for a more dependable
vehicle, because in a about a year, your car will die. You’ll miss
that little rusty hunk of metal.

You may feel like the caged bird, but its only an illusion. The only
person who can put barriers on you right now, is you. You won’t see
that until about 6 years from now. The only thing you can do at that
point, is work through your challenges and work toward your dreams
that you haven’t identified yet. The road that you choose won’t be
easy, but I suppose it wasn’t a complete disaster. It will just make
you appreciate things a little more, and you’ll actually learn


Your older, yet crazier self

*     *     *

What would you tell your past self in a letter?


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